Pinterest Inspiration – Cooking

I have been continuing with my Pinterest challenge to actually use some of the pins I add to my boards.  Mostly I’ve been concentrating on my cooking board and I’ve made some great discoveries of both recipes and new blogs.

I have failed to take photos of the first two recipes so I apologise, instead the photos are from the blogs or sites I’ve included in the links.

1. Hoisin Pork Noodles from A Pinch of Yum which is a much more professional blog than mine, she even manages to make a bit of a living off it.  She also has a special interest in food from the Philippines, not something I was at all familiar with.  This particular recipe appealed to me because it looked like something you would get served up in a noodle box, but was easy to make at home.  It did take a bit of planning to get the pork marinading the night before, but other than that it was very straight forward.  The vegetables can be changed to suit what you have (or what your kids are currently eating) and we did leave out the chilli but I would recommend using it if you can.  The peanuts on top along with the coriander finished the dish off adding crunch and freshness.  To be honest I did find this dish a little too sweet for me, next time I would cut down on the honey and sugar, add a bit more fish sauce and lime juice and definitely include the chilli.  Having said that, this dish was a hit with the kids and was even better the next day.

Hoison Pork with Rice Noodles
(Photo from here)

2. Irish Colcannon from Foodista.  I was looking for some interesting side dishes rather than a main meal on this occasion and as Miss Four only eats potatoes when they’re mashed I thought this might work for everyone.  I was wrong, she only eats mashed potatoes WHEN THERE’S NOTHING ELSE IN THE POTATO.  Despite this setback the colcannon, which is basically mashed potato with leeks, bacon and garlic, was enjoyed by the rest of us.  There are two things worth noting though, firstly I used a LOT of dishes to make a side dish and secondly mace is an acquired taste.  I didn’t mind it but would probably leave it out next time.  Oh and this recipe makes a HUGE amount, halve unless you’re making it for a crowd. 

(Photo from here)

3. Clementine Upside Down Cakes from Drizzle and Dip.  To be honest I’m not sure what a clementine is, from reading the blog here it sounds like a mandarin but don’t quote me on that.  Regardless, I swapped the clementines for oranges as Mum had brought me a bag full from her tree, yum!  This is a terrific recipe, very easy and clearly explained.  The cake itself is light and citrus-y, but be sure to follow the instructions and only fill the muffins up to three quarters full (unlike me).  By add a little brown sugar and a slice of orange to the bottom of the muffin holes before adding the cake mixture you get a glossy, caramelised slice of fruit on the bottom, which then becomes the top.  The final addition is the sugar and juice syrup which soaks into the cake making it gorgeous and moist.  They are delicious, and the photo below is all my own (not quite as good as the ones on the site, but hey I tried).



I’ve barely made a dent on my board, but I am having fun trying out some new recipes.  I feel like there might be a baking theme to my next Pinterest Inspiration post.

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6 Responses to Pinterest Inspiration – Cooking

  1. That’s something I need to start doing too – making my way through some of my pins. Usually, when I need to make something, I just look it up on AllRecipes and read through the comments on the recipes, then make it the way that seems to have been most popular.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I use a lot too Heidi, which I imagine is similar to AllRecipes but it’s Australian. I decided to start using my boards from pinterest instead and of course my many, many cookbooks.

  2. renlikesred says:

    Hubby won’t eat much pork but the mash would go down a treat here! And the muffins look delicious. Did the kids like them? Mine love oranges but weirdly neither of them are into cake type foods – unless they are iced and then of course all they eat is the icing. This could entice them with the oranges though.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I reckon you could easily switch the pork for chicken Ren, or tofu if you want to go vego, but I don’t know much about that one – do you still marinade? Not sure. The muffins were great, though Mr Good and I had them after the girls had gone to bed. My two generally only eat the icing off cake too, I’ll try them with these tomorrow and report back. The syrup is sort of like icing, but goes all through the muffins so that might work for them.

  3. Patsy says:

    That is a great idea, I too have a slew of recipes pinned on Pinterest yet haven’t tried them out yet. In fact my board is titled food I’d like to try! I think you are inspiring me to do just that!

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