Spring vs Winter

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These two silver birches stand on either side of my deck about 2-3 meters apart, yet they are very different.  One is bursting with springtime gloriousness.  Bright green new growth covering the branches from top to bottom and and the very vision of the warmer months to come.  The other is still shrouded in the bleak bareness of winter.  Beautiful in its own right but still in the depth of hibernation, unable to pull back the blankets to embrace the season opening up before us.

I’m feeling a bit like the winter tree, as much as I’m willing it to get warmer, I’m struggling to burst out with the energy of spring.  I’ve done very little in the garden, I’m still content sitting with a hot drink and a good book, rather than getting out into the yard or going to the lake or the park and enjoying the outdoors.  There have been a handful of days that have been so glorious it’s been impossible to NOT get out and revel in the sunshine, but the days in between I’m still well and truly in winter mode.

The girls on the other hand are time travelling a few weeks or months into the future, stripping off to play with water in the back yard, insisting on shorts and t-shirts and declaring that after months of deprivation that it’s now time to starting buying strawberries, watermelon and pineapple.

So where are you, struggling to get into the new season or fast forwarding ahead in time to the sunshine, warmth and new life that mid-late spring brings.  Or are you on the opposite side of the globe going from the warm to the cold?


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4 Responses to Spring vs Winter

  1. We had a false start. We had a day in the high 30s which prompted me switch mentally into summer mode, but now we’re back to cold and rainy. I’m happily accepting the rain, but it could certainly warm up a little!

  2. fergie51 says:

    Happy to embrace spring but get very nervous about summer. Not a heat lover by a long shot unless I can prop near a water source and jump in when it gets unbearable!

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