What does a baker do when she can’t bake?

So after struggling to deal with a finicky oven for the best part of two months it has now reached new levels.  Every time I use the fan forced function I short out the electricity to the whole house.  Oh joy!  Without using the fan the oven is very uneven, takes an absolute age to preheat and seems to burn one side of everything I make, regardless of how often I turn and check it.  So aside from cooking casseroles and the like (I use my slow cooker for most of those anyway) the oven is off limits for baking at least until the repair man visits on Wednesday and hopefully works some magic on it.  Until then I’ve been trawling for non-baked recipes (thanks to Jenny’s suggestion!) to keep us supplied with sweet treats.

First up was the classic lemon slice.  It’s always popular, but I think I could have used a bit more lemon zest to give it that really tangy lemon flavour.



Next it was Jenny’s chocolate truffle balls which the girls and I made together.  And I hope you don’t mind Jenny but I shared this recipe in a piece a wrote for a community newsletter.  If you click here and scroll down to the comments you’ll find the recipe.



And today’s delicious efforts was another classic, hedgehog.  Would you believe I’ve never made this one before?  True.  I’m sure if I looked in my recipe books I would have found a recipe, but for this one I googled and found a great new blog in the process.  Her other recipes look great too and she has wicked fashion sense.  You might notice though a distinct difference between my slice and hers, clearly my tin is much larger and my slice therefore, much thinner.  But still totally addictive!


While my oven will hopefully be fixed later in the week, I think I’m liking these no bake sweet treats too much. They’re quick, easy and good for cooking with kids.  I’ll be hunting for more to share with you in the coming weeks.  Have you got any killer no-bake favourites?  If so share them… please.



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7 Responses to What does a baker do when she can’t bake?

  1. renlikesred says:

    Oh barb – you must try this one – so easy, so delicious, and good wholesome ingredients!
    You do need a food processor though or a powerful blender.

  2. andreamynard says:

    Your treats look lovely. Have to say chocolate cornflake cakes spring to mind – I know, very unoriginal, but they always go down well with grown-ups as well as kids!

  3. Barbara, thank you so much for the kind words and linking back to my blog x

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