The revolving bed

This may sound somewhat risque, but I assure you it is anything but.  It is, however, exactly what our bed has become, with child coming in just as the other is put back to their own bed.  And it is an exhausting way to get through the night.

Ever since the move our two girls have been very unsettled overnight with no signs, so far, of this changing.  To make things worse they have both been struggling with colds, Miss Two in particular suffering.

Last night was a prime example of the revolving bed situation.  Miss Two ended up in between Mr Good and I by about midnight.  He got sick of being kicked in the back and Miss Two was too hot so she went back to her bed a couple of hours later.  In the process of returning her to her own bed, Miss Four woke up wantin, a drink, the toilet and finally a snuggle, of course that had to be in our bed.  We all fell asleep for a short while before Miss Two woke again around 3am.  I put Miss Four back in her bed and tried to settle Miss Two, she would not settle.  With calls of ‘Mummy’s bed, Mummy’s bed’ unrelenting she once again found herself in the space between Mr Good and I and there she stayed for the rest of the night, periodically waking us all up with her wriggles and kicks.  Mr Good was up early to leave for work at which point Miss Four joined Miss Two and I in the ‘big bed’ (it never seems that big to me).  Miss Four and I wriggled out a little while later leaving the miserable Miss Two to sleep for another hour or so.

And that is pretty much every night, some times with more visits, some times with less, but always with some as they revolve in and out.  In the end it isn’t enough solid sleep for any of us and then we get children flaking out in various locations around the house, like this one.

Photo: My little sickie finally flaked out after a miserable morning.

It’s actually reasonably rare for Miss Two to fall asleep during the day, she usually just becomes a clingy, whiny misery guts, but lack of sleep plus illness got the better of her yesterday.  Miss Four on the other hand will fall asleep on the couch in the blink of an eye, just like her father!

I’m hoping like nothing else that they return to the fairly good (though never great) sleeping pattern they had pre-move and the sooner the better.

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3 Responses to The revolving bed

  1. Liz says:

    My kids end up in our bed most nights too. We are fortunate in having a spare room so my partner usually goes in there once one arrives. Without him there’s usually enough room for me plus one or two kids depending on the night. Hardly ideal I know but I am hoping they grow out of it soon…

    • Barbara Good says:

      Yes, we’ve just had the spare bed talk. My problem is that I’m a super light sleeper and both children like to sleep right against me. It doesn’t make for a particularly restful night sleep, but I’d take the little one over the big one any day. At least she doesn’t spend half the night whispering to herself or playing with my hair.

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