Weekend Highlights

1. A sunny Saturday meant that Mr Good and I were able to finish the garden beds, dig out all the rocks and roots (what a job that was) and fill them with soil and compost.  All set for planting out.

IMG_0319 IMG_0321


2. A visit from a much loved sister and very-very-soon-to-be brother-in-law.  For some reason whenever my sister visits us in Ballarat we always have the most glorious weather.  It’s a goo thing they’re planning on moving here next year.

3. Dinner out with good friends and wine.  And even more importantly, a playground for the kids.  We’re hoping to make a regular thing of this, though not always going out.

4. New toys from the toy library.

5. Flowers from the Sunday market.

photo (5)


6. Sitting down with the latest edition of Organic Gardener.

IMG_0327 IMG_0328


7. A simple dinner of home made warm bread and pumpkin soup



What were your weekend highlights?

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2 Responses to Weekend Highlights

  1. Highlights from our weekend include train trips, a mulcher gift, chopping down trees and baking sourdough bread (although it had risen for 8 hours too long due to my migraine and flopped at the end but it still tasted great).

  2. renlikesred says:

    I missed this one, looks lovely! The bread looks fantastic and I could eat that soup right now! Garden beds look great – I’m quite enjoying looking at mine so empty but full of promise!

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