Harvest Monday

Okay so I’m really only writing a harvest Monday post because I’m desperate to really get stuck into the growing of vegetables on my newly created vegetable garden beds and better yet start picking the fruits of my labour.  I have a couple of pots growing bits and pieces and I’m ‘harvesting’ from other people in the meantime.

My two entrants this week are:

1. a couple of spring onions (photo of the ones remaining in the pot).



2. Parsley – a little from my pot but the bulk from my Mum’s paddock of parsley



I had hoped to get out and plant my spuds today to get the real garden going, but it was freezing and raining most of the day so that didn’t happen.  I did sneak out between the showers and check the happenings in the green house to find a couple of tiny seedlings sticking their heads through to soil.  The potential for future harvests right there.  And it was so lovely and warm (if a little humid) in the greenhouse I wanted to jump right in there beside the leeks.

For far more impressive harvest head over to Daphne’s.

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One Response to Harvest Monday

  1. We’re harvesting the last of our winter broccoli currently going to seed. I have a few leeks that we pik as needed but otherwise it’s all about potential harvests at the moment. 🙂 The possibilities are exciting.

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