Things happening at a frustratingly slow pace

I know there’s really no rush to get everything done in the garden right away but I am just crawling out of my skin wanting to put my plans into action.  Mr Good has done a great job making the garden beds, pulling out some unwanted bushes, building a gate for easy side access, putting up a climbing frame for the beans, a cage for the potatoes and some little fences to keep the dogs off the beds.  However the reason he’s been able to do all of that is that I’ve had the kids, often taking them away for the afternoon or even a couple of days.  I have to say I’m kind of jealous.

I would love some uninterrupted time in the garden to do a few of the things on my to do list.  Even just an hour or two would at least let me get some cuttings planted that desperately need to get their feet in the ground and pull out some weeds that Miss Four has a nasty reaction to.

As this hour seems most elusive at the moment I am determined to do some garden work during the week to take advantage of the couple of sunny days we have forecast.  Obviously this will be with ‘helpers’ and I will need to put on my zen gardening hat.  At least weeding is pretty easy when everything in the bed is a weed so they should be able to get stuck and not have me on the edge waiting for them to pull out my prized tomato or something.  Though Miss Four will definitely have to wear gloves or she’ll end up with aching hands she gets from a particular weed we have.  Wish me luck! (Alternatively they could spend the afternoon dancing on the deck)

IMG_0342 IMG_0343

The other thing I am hanging out for is some consistent warmer weather so I can plant my tomatoes.  I got these beauties from Skud (thanks!) when she visited Ballarat recently.  Sadly (and ironically given what I just said) I lost one to the heat on our ONE hot day.  I forgot to open the greenhouse that morning and by the time I got out there everything was looking pretty droopy.  The remaining four perked up again with a good drink and a cool day the next day, but one of the wild sweeties didn’t make it.  Thankfully this is the one variety she gave me two of and I’m really looking forward to trying it.



One of them already has some flowers on it and they are getting a little too big for their pots.  I think I’ll plant them around the first week of November and hope that the soil is warm enough and we don’t get any more freezing mornings.  I also have beans busting out of the seed trays and wanting the send their shoots skyward.  I would usually plant beans direct but I didn’t have the beds ready and I thought I’d give them a head start in the greenhouse.  I hope they transplant alright.

But as with everything I need to be patient….. if I can possibly manage it.  Are you a patient gardener, taking your time to do things properly and when you have ample time to do them, or an overly-eager one like me.  Do you enjoy gardening with your children or prefer the peace and quiet of gardening alone?

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8 Responses to Things happening at a frustratingly slow pace

  1. Skud says:

    I have SO MANY wild sweeties, so I can always bring you a couple more if you want them. They really are the tastiest cherry tomato I’ve ever known… like little tomato-flavoured lollies. And I have, ahem, about a dozen seedlings. Which is probably a few too many even for me.

  2. I am envious of your tomato seedlings. I have a few starting to show their first true leaves and finally some seedlings sprouting for the capsicums etc. I am the worlds most impatient gardener I tell you. I went mad planting more pumpkin seeds yesterday (dozens of them) and as I popped in some of the last ones I found the ones I planted the other week beginning to sprout. I might be more than just a ittle inundated with pumpkins this year. 😉
    I too have heard that wild sweeties are some of the best and I think I have had one sown wildly by a bird in my childhood. It was a small bushy tomato bush covered in tiny 5c sized fruit that exploded with sweetness in the mouth. That was 25 years ago and stil I remember it’s deliciousness. I ended up bunging all my tomato seeds in together (again, too impatient) so I hope I can work out what is what. Ah wel, as ong as they grow! 🙂
    As for an hour free time, I do the same thing to my husband as he does with you. He takes the kids on the weekend so i get a small chance to achieve in the garden. Sadly he’s not getting done what he needs to do. 😦

    • Barbara Good says:

      These are not ones I’ve grown from seed, the seeds I planted are only just starting now and I’m not sure any of my capsicums have come through, but all my labels came off so I really don’t know what is what anymore. So pumpkin soup, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin bread…. you do sound like you’re going to be set for pumpkins.

  3. Jenny Pearson says:

    Hi Barbara, I know exactly how you feel – I spent part of the weekend planting out a few seedlings, and putting in climbing bean seeds. As there are only two of us, I tend to only have a few of anything, and share the rest with a couple of friends who are on their own, but like to have a vegie garden, so I planted out two capsicums, 1 zucchini plant, countless climbing bean seeds, a couple more strawberry plants (strawberry jam is on the horizon!!!) silverbeet for both us and “the girls” to keep us all healthy and my garlic is going great guns. Together with the herbs I have growing up near my backdoor, I think we will do well – will be putting in tomato plants when the ground here is a little warmer, at the moment it is raining quite steadily, so all those lovely new little plants are getting a great start. It is just lovely to stroll the garden and to truly enjoy all your hard work, either admiring or eating the produce – your time will come, and I’m sure all of you will enjoy your hard work – what a good role model you are for your girls. Those two “ballerinas” are just delightful – and what talents they have!!!

    • Barbara Good says:

      Sounds like you’re going to have a great variety of things this summer Jenny, I’m sure any excess you’ll be able to gift to others or preserve for later. Strawberry jam!!! I have a bed I’m going to fill with strawberries. I really need to get on to that soon, hopefully this weekend!
      Miss Two and I got out into the garden between the rain we had both this morning and this afternoon and got suitable muddy and tuckered out. I managed to move a big load of bricks and make a make-shift path so I can now access the clothesline without having to wear my gumboots. My back is certainly telling me about it now.

  4. Liz says:

    Definitely over-eager as I have a few casualties as a result. Still at least it means I get things done I guess….

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