Recipe Swap – Pizza or Pasta

If I’m to be completely honest I would have to admit to being a complete carb addict.  I always have been and am rarely satisfied unless a meal has some form of carbs.  Mr Good has always thought it odd that I make myself a baked jacket potato or some such thing if we’re having grilled/bbq’d meat and salad for dinner.  I know that if I don’t add some sort of carb to the plate I’ll be hunting the cupboards for snacks an hour after dinner.  It’s just the way I roll.  So given this information you can understand my partiality for pizza and especially pasta.  I love them, in fact I would happily eat pasta several times a week if just cooking for my own sake.  What I especially like, now that the weather is starting to warm up (can’t say that to early around here or I’ll jinx it), is simple pastas with few, but fresh ingredients and the same goes with pizza.  And that brings me to this month’s recipe swap theme, simple fresh pasta or pizza combinations.  To kick things off I’ll share one each of my own.

Firstly is my salmon, broccoli and broadbean pasta which I wrote about quite a while ago.

This is a decidedly spring pasta dish taking advantage of the broccoli (sprouting in particular) and broadbean harvest at that time.  Once it moves beyond that time of year I switch the broccoli and beans for some capers.  I think you could also add some rocket or baby spinach.  It’s a super speedy, fresh and easy pasta dish.

I’m also going to share a favourite pizza topping, though it’s more of an autumn combination than spring or summer.  For some reason I think pizza toppings should come in three and this does just that.  This one is roasted pumpkin, chorizo and rocket.  I always spread a tomato sauce (passata or a home made roasted tomato sauce depending what I have on hand) and sprinkle with a little (not too much) mozzerella then add the pumpkin (pre roasted and diced) and chorizo and cook on a hot pizza stone.  Top with the rocket once it’s cooked and enjoy.

Now it’s your turn.  I’m looking for fast, fresh and simple pizza or pasta dishes to keep my carb cravings at bay.



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10 Responses to Recipe Swap – Pizza or Pasta

  1. I have never thought of putting pumpkin on pizza – it would certainly be interesting. My favourite toppings are boring in comparison – I like chicken, fresh tomatoes, spinach and basil.

  2. My favourite pizza topping is pumpkin too. Pumpkin, Feta and Caramelized Onion. But there’s no pumpkin for a few months yet. This time of year pizza has to have pesto, then the choices multiply! As for pasta, the latest favourite is Fettucini With Kale Pesto . We’re just moving out of the spring Pasta Primavera Carbonara into the summer Pasta Puttanesca.

  3. skud says:

    Hmmm… my favourite easy pasta things. Well, I like putting the pasta on to boil, then adding broccoli florets in the last 5 mins, straining it all together, then mixing in a tin of tuna and topping with parmesan. I think I mentioned this in your cheap recipe thread too!

    Another thing I like (especially as summer is coming) is having a big pile of ratatouille in the fridge, and having it with everything. I usually make my ratatouille in the oven when there’s a cool evening. It’s good tossed with pasta, a can of chickpeas, and a lot of fresh parsley.

    Another quick option I used to like when I ate more meat was chicken (breast or boneless thigh, pan-fried or whatever), mushroom, and pesto. Now I just do it with mushroom but I have to say it’s a bit short on protein unless you add a LOT of mushroom. Or cheese.

    I like a tossed antipasto pasta, too, with artichokes, olives, roasted red peppers (we preserve these ourselves), some spanish chorizo sliced and browned, and again lots of parsley and parmesan. Probably not very kid friendly though.

    Mac and cheese of course, though that’s hardly a summer dish — though my ex housemate used to do a version with sweet corn, mushrooms, spring onions, and again more parsley (um, yeah, it’s kind of a glut crop here) that was actually quite light-seeming. Another option I like is to cook cauliflower with the macaroni to add more veg to the whole deal. Though I feel this actually works better with larger noodles like penne or rigatoni.

    Angel hair pasta with fresh tomatoes, those mini mozzarella balls, and basil — basically a caprese salad tossed with pasta.

    In winter: a little bacon/sausage/something else porky and delicious, beans, greens (eg. kale), and a tin of tomatoes. Or else use some stock and make it a pasta-soup-stew-thingy. I think I mentioned this in the cheap eats post, too. Sorry, I’m repeating myself!

    Finally, not technically pasta, but Asian vermicelli noodles with salady stuff on top: carrots, cucumber, shredded lettuce, fresh mint, and grilled chicken or pork or beef or tofu or whatever you’ve got… even a chopped hard boiled egg. Sweet chilli sauce or that Vietnamese fishy-chilli dipping sauce that they use.

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