MamaBake #3

Our third MamaBake session we decided would be the last of the winter or cold weather type dishes, despite the fact that it’s still darn cold outside and the rain just keeps on falling.  We’re going to try and have a distinct seasonal flavour in both the ingredients and types of meals we prepare and once that season is over we don’t go back.  That means we’ve said good-bye to spaghetti bolognese for the year and hello to spring pastas.  However, we also decided that Ballarat is only now struggling into Spring and not yet anywhere near summer, so we’re not quite into salad and BBQ time yet.

This time around our dishes were….

Lamb and feta risoni bake (nice Spring lamb)

Chicken Cacciatore


Satay chicken stirfry (we did this butch shop style, chicken strips, cut up vegetables and a marinade then frozen raw ready to cook when it’s defrosted.)

Chicken lasagna

Capsicum and chorizo pasta sauce

Beef stirfry

Zucchini slice which we enjoyed with a simple chopped salad and potato and parmesan sourdough from the Ballan Farmer’s Market.  Zucchini slice is one of my kids favourite dinners which they have dubbed ‘kiwi slice’.  Thanks J, this went down a treat!



One thing we are have trouble with is coming up with some good summer Mamabake ideas.  We need light meals using summer ingredients that freeze well or can be kept in the fridge for a few days without deteriorating.  In particular we were thinking of some good salads that could be at least partially prepared ahead of time.   Any ideas?

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2 Responses to MamaBake #3

  1. I’ve heard of those mason jar salads but I think they keep for work lunches for a week but not much longer (saw them on Pinterest). I guess you could make up salad dressings, marinades for chops, and not sure if you could freeze potato salad maybe? You could make a probiotic fermented sauerkraut style coleslaw though. That’s a make now, eat later salad and a heap healthier than normal coleslaw. Making and bottling tomato sauce could be another option? Bottling fruit salad to open like a can thereof? Summer for me is about stinking hot kitchens and preserving but the sauerslaw and sauerkraut are cooler cooking at least. 😉

    • Barbara Good says:

      I’ll definitely go and have a look at those mason jar salads, see if there’s anything we can adapt. They sound interesting. I was thinking of cutting up a big batch of salad items at the start of the week and making a selection of salad dressings and marinades for meats, then it could just be thrown together at dinner time without too much effort. The sauerkraut coleslaw sounds intriguing. making jars of fruit salad would be good for the kids too.

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