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I’ve always been a bit slow to get on board with some things and while I love technology I don’t generally embrace it immediately…. and then wonder what the heck took me so long to get my head around whatever new gadget or online application is around.  I was like this with smart phones and tablets and now I love using them.  And I’ve been a bit like that when it comes to really using social media to it’s full potential.

Well I’ve now decided I need to remedy that so I’ve set up a Facebook page for this blog.  Everyone tells me Facebook is where you need to be these days, websites are less important than a Facebook page apparently.  Anyway, here it is  So for an easy way to keep up with posts, comment or get in contact like this page.

Now as for the rest of social media one day I’ll sit down and get my head around twitter and instagram and the others that I’ve never really even heard of but know are out there.  Of course I love Pinterest and am working on a Barbara Good pinterest page, just wait for that one.

Is it just me that’s a bit slow with these things?  Have you embraced social media? Love it or loath it or somewhere in between?

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5 Responses to Barbara’s Page

  1. It took me a while to embrace Facebook but when I did I did with a vengeance. Last year I made the difficult but ultimately important decision to close my Facebook account and also my Rabid Little Hippy page and I’ve not looked back. 🙂 I spent far too much time on there and our new lifestyle required more hours of me. I still spend far too much time on the computer but I’ve improved. I too have been anti the trends but usually get there in the end although I do refuse to tweet.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I love Facebook, I’d never keep up with so many friends and family if it wasn’t for this. Though I usually only check it a couple of times during the day and even then it’s pretty quick, never more than a minute or two. Mostly I do my facebooking (and other computer related things) in the evening when the kids are in bed and Mr Good is still doing a bit of work from home.

  2. A says:

    Love love love social media. For it’s ability to share info but mostly because it helps people find their tribe and keep in touch, both important for the heart.

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