A Box of Lamb

I have found buying meat becoming more and more of a dilemma.  Without the regular trips to big farmers’ markets – which ironically seem to be more of a city thing than a country thing – and with prices increasing as our food budget decreases, buying meat that is affordable but also ethical and enrivonmentally sound has next to impossible.  Lamb is usually my fall back meat, it’s all free-range and having grown up in sheep country I know that farmers look after their animals in a way that I would be more than happy to support.  However, the prices have really sky-rocketed to a point where I rarely buy lamb these days.

So a while ago I started researching possible sources of meat (in this case lamb) that I could buy in bulk and get delivered to me door.  Box ‘a Lamb ticked all my boxes.  They deliver to Ballarat (as well as most Melbourne suburbs, visit a number of farmers’ markets and do a run through lots of central Victorian towns).  They’re labs are happy and stress free with no nasties, just good food.  I ordered a whole lamb pack and split it with another friend making a couple of alterations (like keeping the shoulder on the bone and swapping the sausages for mince.  We each got a rack of lamb, which always seems out of my price range in the butcher, a big leg of lamb and a mini roast, a shoulder roast (one rolled, one on the bone), chump chops and loin chops, marinaded ribs and a shank.  The meat looks fantastic and all came cryovac’ed so has good shelf life either in the fridge for a few weeks or in the freezer.


I’ve got big plans for my meat.  I’m going to do Jamie Oliver’s Mothership Sunday Roast Lamb, then with the leftovers it’s a toss up between the lamb biryani, lamb noodle salad or the very interesting sweet and savoury Moroccan lamb pastille (all from the Save with Jamie book).  The rack will be divided into cutlets and made into Jamie’s lamb lollypops with curry sauce and rice and peas (this is from the 15 minute meals book).  The mince will be made into lamb and feta meatballs and koftas. The ribs will be BBQ’d with some other meat and a served with a cous cous salad.  The loin chops will also find their way to the BBQ with a salad.  The chump chops will go into the slow cooker for a curry (might wait for this one) and the shank will go into a soup (lamb and fennel perhaps).  Lastly the little mini roast I think will try with a glaze on the rotisserie and the big leg will be a nice traditional Sunday roast with sides and a shepherd’s pie with the left overs.  That’s AT LEAST 13 meals!

It didn’t take me too long to plan out all our meals with this gorgeous meat, looks like I’ll have to order another one so I can experiment some more.  And while I have yet to taste test the product I can attest to the excellent customer service.  Prompt, convenient and very responsive to what I wanted.  I will be sure to share the recipes and photos of our meals as we have them.

Now what would you do with a Box ‘a Lamb.  What are you’re favourite lamb recipes?

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6 Responses to A Box of Lamb

  1. renlikesred says:

    Sounds great barb! I too have found buying in bulk really is the way to go. Much better value and gorgeous fresh meat.

  2. Jo says:

    That meat looks great. I like lamb kept simple, roasted with garlic and rosemary, and then mint jelly. Yum.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Yes, yum indeed! Simple is definitely good. Plus I have a delicious jar of apple and mint jelly a good friend made and gave me a while back. It runs rings around the shop bought stuff, and I thought that was pretty good.

  3. Andrea says:

    What a great way to buy your lamb………….your so organised with all your recipes worked out wish I could board at your house boy I’d be well fed!!! A lovely young couple moved to our area recently and farm pigs and lambs, Stuart recently came down to our little farm to help me with our lambs(6) put on their ear tags, rings the males and drench them, I love watching them play in the paddock but 2 of them are going to end up on our table when I can finally make the decision!!
    Now back to Louise and Stuart their small business is called Farmers Larder ,(in Franklinford) they have a web site and are on face book……… and I can assure you those animals are very well looked after and we have tried the bacon and roast so far ……beautiful !!
    I haven’t forgotten your seedlings and hope to be in Ballarat in the next couple of weeks.
    Happy Cooking !!

    • Barbara Good says:

      I’ll be sure to check out the Farmer’s Larder, thanks for the tip Andrea. I’m always on the look out for ethical pork products.

      As for being organised, it’s really just a sign of my deep love of lamb. My favourite meat by a long stretch.

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