Climate Action Action

Today was the day that tens of thousands of people all over the country got out, got together and stood up for real action on climate change.  I was one of them, Mr Good another and the girls of course came too (as did the dog).  After all it’s for them that I worry about all of this for.  A friend I’ve known since High School and who also lives in Ballarat  joined us too.

What is the future going to look like for my girls?  Sometimes I find this a scary thought, optimism for the future of our planet is low when we have a government looking at repealing legislation to prevent cataclysmic climate change…  the ONLY country in the world to take such measures.

IMG_0409 IMG_0410


The crowd was a bit small I thought, but the speakers were inspiring, encouraging and passionate.  There were some frightening things discussed like the dismantling of the emissions trading scheme (or carbon tax), the removal of funding for renewable energy, the support from government for the coal industry and the proposed tax on businesses and household who install solar systems (which is one of Abbott’s policies and is supposed to appease power companies for their loss of revenue, but will also make going solar even more difficult and expensive).  But it wasn’t all doom and gloom, there were people who have made incredible steps toward zero net emissions, who have attended youth climate conferences and are taking grass roots actions and Councillors wanting to push for real action at the local level.


I makes me realise two things… 1) what I do at home is important but it will never be enough.  Action needs to come from towns and communities, states, countries and the entire human population.  That means it MUST come from our Federal Government as well if we are to make a real difference.  2) That I want to do more than sign online petitions, email politicians or rant on my blog.  Not sure what that will be.

Did anyone else attend a rally near them?  How did you find it?  What actions have you taken on climate change?  Has it climate change changed (pun intended) how you do things?  And finally are you an optimist or pessimist on this issue… is it too late?

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PPS I just checked out this article in our local paper, ‘a huge crown’?  Also made the mistake of reading the comments, how can people still seriously think climate change is caused by human actions?  I should know better, but I couldn’t help but respond.

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5 Responses to Climate Action Action

  1. Great to see you had a fruitful demonstration and the weather was lovely for you. I went to the rally in Sydney (so wet!!!). Summary is on my blog.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Yes a lovely day, I spent morning and afternoon in the garden either side of the rally. I just read your summary too. Pity about the weather up your way (though the rain must be good for you), it must have kept numbers down.

  2. We had hoped to attend but the day just didn’t work in with it.
    You’re spot on though. Change MUST come at every level. It must come at government level, federal, state and local, but truly the power lies with us. We vote every day of our lives with what we buy, for whom we vote and how we live. Your family, and mine and many others out there are voting long and loud, living sustainable lives and sharing those lives with all we can.

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