Succession Planting Tuesday

L over at 500m squared in Sydney started a series of posts all about succession planting to motivate herself and others to keep planting each week and avoid gaps in the harvest later in the season.  I thought this week I would join in, though some of mine is first time planting, rather than succession planting because I’ve been so disorganised this season.

So this week I’ve planted….

Coriander – once again I’m having a go at this one despite the fact I have NEVER had success.  I put it in a pot which went into the greenhouse.

Leeks, leeks and more leeks – three varieties, but all randomly scattered in a seed tray thanks to the help of two little girls.  I’ll never know what variety is what, but who cares.  Again leeks are something I’ve not had success with before and my first planting this year didn’t come up at all.  However, I love leeks and everyone else seems to be able to grow them so I’m determined.

More lettuce – mixed variety.

Beans – Red runner beans, between the green stringless beans already growing in the garden.

Flowers – Marigolds, phlox, assylium, and a few others.  Some of these will go into the vegetable garden, but most will find their place out the front.

I’m feeling a little discouraged about my veggie patch at the moment as I haven’t had a great deal of success with anything.  Three of the four of my tomato seedlings died (sorry Skud!), only a few sunflowers have come through, the greens and radishes were attacked by snails before I got anything down to get rid of them and the two pumpkins are really struggling since they went in the ground.  However, I am enjoying developing my front garden and have had more success out there.  So while I would normally focus of edible succession planting, this year flowering plants are also high on my agenda.


Next week I need to think about getting some corn seeds and try those for a third time this year.  And of course I need to do something about the tomato situation as well.

So what’s been planted at your place this week?  And don’t forget to pop of to 500m2.

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11 Responses to Succession Planting Tuesday

  1. That’s fantastic Barbara, and flowering plants totally count, by the way 🙂 I totally agree with you on the leek front – I’ve never had much success either. I suspect I need to lime the soil, and I never do.
    I’m wondering if it is just not warm enough there for pumpkins yet – In my experience they struggle until the really hot weather starts because the soil needs to warm considerably. What kind of temperatures have you been getting?
    My post will be up a bit later – still getting kids to bed!

    • Barbara Good says:

      Oh, I’m glad flowers count L. Interesting about the pumpkins, might stick a couple of extra pumpkin seeds next week – we’ve started having some slightly warmer weather, though back to low teens and rain tomorrow.

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  3. Skud says:

    I HAVE MORE! Also I got the house I wanted and am coming up tomorrow to sign the lease, picking up keys Monday. Want me to bring you more tomato seedlings? Mostly I have wild sweeties in abundance at present, and I’m desperately trying to get rid of them all! If I can trade you for some of your seedlings in a few weeks time when I’m settled, even better, though not required.

    I’ll email you 🙂

  4. Jenny Pearson says:

    Hi Barbara, not succession planting, but like you, first time planting with a very interested 4 year old who thought it was fun to help Grandma plant bean seeds, and eat the ripe strawberries. We also planted a plant in the ordinary garden part of the back garden, and of course, nearly drowned it with water!!! A great way to get her interested in growing things – her Mum and Dad don’t have a lot of time for such things, nor the space, so Grandma’s is special in that regard. On a completely different note – I know that there is an important occasion this coming weekend – please pass on my best regards to the people concerned, I’m sure you will all look just lovely (I bet your girls will be very impressed!!) and I will keep my fingers crossed for good weather. I do hope everyone truly enjoys the day, especially V, who I am sure will be absolutely radiant.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I bet that four year old had a ball at grandma’s. I go for beans too when the girls want to help, so much easier than little tiny seeds like tomatoes. Though if you just want them sprinkled randomly then little ones like leeks are fine. I wish we had ripe strawberries already, we have lots of plants in but no fruit yet. What did you plant in the ordinary garden – I’m always interested in other shrubs etc, looking for ideas for my front yard.

      I will pass on your congrats to V, I’m hoping not to break my leg in some very high heels that are certainly not my usual footwear. The weather is looking a little dicey, so yes fingers crossed.

  5. renlikesred says:

    I’ve had trouble in the patch too 😦 every single cucumber seedling has disappeared, as well as quite a few capsicums. The slugs ate ALL of my kale and snails are having a great go at the strawberries. On a positive note, I planted my corn, pumpkin and squash seeds straight into the ground and they’re just starting to shoot through 🙂 think I have discovered the main source of my seedling troubles, stay tuned!

    • Barbara Good says:

      It’s so frustrating when all your hard works gets enjoyed by the bugs and creepy crawlies and not you isn’t it. I noticed my corn FINALLY starting to come through too. Thinking about putting a pumpkin in there too, but it’s pretty close to a cucumber so perhaps not enough room.

      I’m interested to hear what you thing your main trouble is?

  6. Jenny Pearson says:

    Hi Barbara, the plant I planted was a salvia called heatwave – probably not suitable for your garden as much as mine and particularly the position, out in the open with direct and quite hot sun at times – I have finished refurbishing a garden bed at the very back of our property, a rather large tree was damaged, and a large white grevillia needed a sever haircut – having attended to both, the area needed cleaning out and mulching and a couple of new plants (red and white theme) to start afresh. The garden is starting to look good, although some of the plants are obviously young and need some TLC for a while yet. The vegie patch not only has an odd strawberry to eat, but the garlic is going great, everything else is still growing slowly. A tip, I put my spring onions, if they still have roots attached, in a part of the vegie garden, yes that’s right replant them, and water them and pick them again when I am ready to use them, no more wasted, slimy spring onions when I need them most. I feel you won’t be the only one balancing on those high heels – oh for the comfort of flatties!! Have a lovely time – enjoy the food, I hear it is something worth looking forward to!!!

    • Barbara Good says:

      Jenny, sounds like your garden is really coming along. It’s nice looking around at all your hard work and realising it’s starting to look really nice.

      I don’t even pull my spring onions our anymore. Just cut them off at ground level and then they reshoot. Definitely no waster!

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