Taking a Break

We’ve had a very busy week but for the most exciting of reasons, my sister’s wedding.  We had people staying, people visiting, dinners out, lots of preparations – hair, make up, dresses, shoes (with VERY high heels), jewelry, flowers – the ceremony in a stunning garden on a very wet Saturday afternoon.  Then photos, lots of photos, the reception, speeches to give, lots of dancing, late nights.  And then an early Sunday morning (thanks girls!), visitors, visitors and more visitors.  It’s been busy, but it was wonderful, she was beautiful and everything went smoothly.  It was such a fun day!


Now I have a week to get through the mountain of washing (and only a few fine days to do it in), and getting prepared for a family driving holiday.  I feel very much in need of a break so am looking forward to the time away.  And as for blogging I’ve decided to start my holiday early on here, so other than one post coming up at the end of the week this will be it until mid-December.

Instead I’m going to spend time with the girls, getting organised and enjoying a quiet cuppa on my front veranda admiring my roses and the rest of my front garden.



Keep an eye on the facebook page though as I will add a few updates and photos.

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4 Responses to Taking a Break

  1. What gorgeous dresses! Have a wonderful break – I’ll keep an eye on facebook.

  2. renlikesred says:

    Am in love with the brides maids dresses!!! You look beautiful. Have a wonderful break xxx

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