A Journey of Discovery – Part Two

After our week in Port Stephens we headed down the coast to our regular beach holiday location near Eden, NSW.  I’ve been coming here since I was about 10 and I love sharing this place with my own children now.  We stay in my family’s cabin, just a few paces from a perfect beach which we had almost entirely to ourselves for the entire week we spent there.  We did a lot of nothing and loved it.  Though the drive between Port Stephen’s and Eden was stunning as was our side trip to Jervis Bay for a spectacular lunch spot.  Not too much else to share besides some photos.

IMG_0655 IMG_0657

Driving past some very recent fires, a strange leafless landscape.

Wollongong - beautiful.

Wollongong – beautiful.

Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay

IMG_0697 IMG_0710

Surfer Girls

IMG_0720 IMG_0721

‘Our’ beach.

IMG_0734 IMG_0738 IMG_0744


Beach-loving kids

IMG_0753 IMG_0754




My family

My family



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2 Responses to A Journey of Discovery – Part Two

  1. Skud says:

    Gorgeous! No wonder they gave it that name.

  2. narf77 says:

    Lovely :). I remember our own childhood version of Eden (same name) where we had to drive for what seemed like miles and pass by some lakes and a giant mulberry tree where everyone came to harvest berries in season and eventually you got to the water and it was paradise. Glad you guys had a great holiday. Sometimes you need to get away from everything and do nothing to replenish your bones 🙂

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