A Christmas Catch Up with Good Friends

I should have posted about this a week ago, but with everything happening around Christmas it just didn’t happen.  Anyway, it was too good not to share so here it is, an annual Christmas catch up with some really good friends.  One was my sister (a friend since the very beginning), one a school friend and one a uni friend.  We do this every year, catch up and share a meal and some fine drinks before Christmas.  We swap home made (or for me this year op-shopped) gifts and have one heck of a night.

The high school friend was the cook this year (and actually she often is, but she’s very good at it!!).  We started with cashews roasted with cumin, paprika, chilli and lime along with Kaffir lime martinis.



Next was a chicken salad with asparagus, beans, sugar snap peas and avocado with a dressing of creme fresh, garlic, lemon and olive oil.  We also enjoyed a mixed tomato salad. This was accompanied by some sparkling wine, as well as a NZ Sav Blanc (did I mention there was plenty to drink!)



For dessert we were treated to an amazing raspberry and white chocolate trifle.  Matched with a stunning dessert wine.

trifle (8)


And to finish off the evening and a bit more wine, we sampled some chocolate clementines and chocolate covered macadamias.



It was a decadent night and the heads felt it the next day – none of us are as young as we once were.  But at least these headaches were induced by some damn fine wine, instead of something cheap and nasty (tequilla sunrise or illusion shakers ring a bell friends?) as we did in the high school or uni days.

It really was a fantastic night, we laughed all night and just enjoyed the company of old friends.  Hope you too managed some lovely Christmas catch ups.

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