Harvest Monday – 30 December, 2013

Woohoo!  I made a real Harvest Monday post before the end of the year.  Feeling good, even if the total amount is still pretty small.

So in the last week here is what I’ve picked (with and without photos)

1. Lots of rocket.  I’ve used it in salads, on pizza and in a rocket pesto which will go into some pasta with some chicken.

2. Strawberries – only three, but its a start.


3. Herbs – Mint, coriander (now there’s something to celebrate), parsley.  These have gone into salads and also into some lamb koftas.

4. Lettuce – Red and green and it’s going really well.

5. Spring onions – though sadly my use is outstripping what’s growing in the garden so I think I’ll now have to buy some more (and then plant them of course).

6. Radishes – red and white – which I added to a potato salad.


And some home grown veg I’ve been gifted from other gardens (Mum’s, my grandfather’s and my neighbour’s):




Cos Lettuce

The garden is starting to look really good so I’m hoping the harvests will start increasing in variety and quantity.  It’s nice to see the results of all the work Mr Good and I have put into it since we moved in.  I’ll share some before and after shots soon.  In the meantime check out the other harvest at Daphne’s.

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2 Responses to Harvest Monday – 30 December, 2013

  1. We were really blessed to harvest all of our Christmas dinner with the exception of the meat, from our garden. The carrots were tiny although they made up for their diminuitive size with exceptional taste, some freshly bandicooted potatoes, mint to season the spuds, onions and garlic harvested over the month and just drying out and broccoli that I’d blanched and frozen a few months back.
    I think that there is truly nothing so satisfying in the garden as harvesting the first of a crop or eating an entirely home grown meal.
    Your harvests sound fantastic. My herbs are pathetic so I’m ultra jealous that you’re harvesting coriander (my all time favourite herb) and your strawberries are bigger than mine. You must water more relgiously than I do. 🙂 I love that you can replant the ends of spring onions. Free food for sure!
    Have a great new years and I look forward to the first Harvest Monday post of 2014.

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