Harvest Monday – 13 January 2014

Here in the south-east corner of Australia we’re gearing up for the first stretch of really hot summer weather.  It’s already 35 degrees here at midday and the rest of the week they’re predicting temperatures of around 40 degrees Celsius.  It’s hot, it’s dry and the garden knows it.  But hopefully this will help get some of my plants going after a very slow start (I’m looking at you cucumber!) .  On the other hand, that zucchini-that-turned-out-to-be-a-pumpkin could just stop where it is before it engulfs everything in sight.  Oh and I had a good look yesterday at this monster – it has lots of tiny pumpkins now so if all goes well I might actually get something off it.

This week’s harvest included:

The first little zucchini (I hope the rest get a bit bigger)

Two radishes (1 white and 1 red)


A few strawberries each day, probably about a punnet in total.

Some silverbeet (also a first)

Lots of red and green curly lettuce

Enjoying an ice bath to bring back a little crispness

Enjoying an ice bath to bring back a little crispness

Mountains of rocket.



And finally a few green beans.

We’re slowing getting a bit more volume and variety in the harvests, but it’s the tomatoes I’m hanging out for.  For more harvest news see the list at Daphne’s.  As for me I’ll be madly watering in the evenings and hoping for some rain on the horizon.  What’s it like in your garden?

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3 Responses to Harvest Monday – 13 January 2014

  1. It sure is a hot one this week. Hunkering down to hide inside here. Nothing to harvest aside from chard and a few radishes and nasturtium. Still, there are always spuds to bandicoot and I have my first zuke and pumpkin flower. 🙂

  2. narf77 says:

    I wish we lived a bit closer because I need SOMEONE to take these zucchini! There weren’t any zukes on the plant last week and this morning I spotted one a foot long…I can feel a monster zuchini harvest coming and I am frankly terrified! 😉

  3. Andrea says:

    Great to see your harvesting from your new veggie garden……………..the rocket looks great ! listening to the thunder as I blog, hoping for a little rain as the plot is certainly looking sad after todays temp, we got to 44C. ERK !!!!

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