Hot, hot days….

As much as I’ve been looking forward to the summer starting for real so my garden gets moving, I do find these really hot days a bit tricky with the kids.  It’s really too unpleasant in the back yard by about midday (or mid-morning on a bad day) so we tend to stay inside quite a bit.  Thankfully our house stays lovely and cool even on the really warm days and so far we haven’t had to use the a/c at all.  When I checked the gauge today it was 37 degrees outside (at midday) and only 23 degrees inside – gotta love that.

Anyway I had a strategy to get us through this four or five days of very hot weather without resorting to too much TV (but definitely using it when I needed to).  Firstly morning outings, get out of the house while it’ still okay.  Sometimes these were to do errands, sometimes the park, sometimes both.  The best thing is that the kids are ready to go at the same time as me as everything is getting a bit hot thus avoiding the usual time-to-leave tantrums.

The second part of the strategy involved a visit to the Reject Shop for some new colouring/painting books.  Miss Four is very much into colouring at the moment and anything she does Miss Two copies so it has been keeping them entertained for quite long periods of time.

photo (15)

Next we headed to the library for a collection of Where’s Wally books – another thing Miss Four has discovered.  Unfortunately there were only a couple as it’s school holidays and most were already out, never mind.

And the final part of the strategy involved specifically selected playlists which will keep them entertained and not asking for the TV.  Funny songs with weird voices are often the best for us, here are a few we’ve been particularly enjoying.

On the Ning Nang Nong
or for something different check out this totally cool rap version

Anything by Franciscus Henri.  This one is Dancing in the Kitchen, but they’re all fabulous.

Peter Coombe’s Newspaper Mama – a tribute to my own childhood

Please Don’t Call Me a Koala Bear by Don Spencer (another oldie but goodie)

And a new find and one that we had on repeat for half the afternoon until Miss FOur had memorised all the words.  It called Down by the Bay.

I really do find these days more trying that cold, wet day.  At least then you can rug them up with coats and boots and send them outside without worrying about them passing out or getting burnt.  So what are your stuck-inside-all-day-with-kids strategies?  What songs do you treasure from your childhood or your kids’ childhoods?

(PS Mr Good has his own strategy for after dinner to burn off their built up energy, it’s called the sprinkler under the trampoline – they love it!  And he puts the sprinkler in their little plastic pool to collect a lot of the water for the garden.)

photo (13)

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3 Responses to Hot, hot days….

  1. narf77 says:

    Excellent watery use and save :). When it is too hot to even contemplate eating regular meals I used to make nutritious icey poles for the kids so at least they got something healthy to “eat”. Smoothies are good as well. It’s not as hot here in Tassie but it is bad enough as the sun here bites. My best suggestion is just hunker down and wait it out. That’s what I am doing 🙂

  2. skud says:

    My grandma used to sing, “Mairsy doats and doesy doats”. Do you know that one?

    As for cool things to eat… frozen grapes! That’s what I’m eating a lot of this week, as I bought 1.5kg of them at the market on Saturday, and it’s just me who has to eat them all.

  3. Bottled nectarines that were in the fridge with homemade coconut and date sweetened ice-cream for lunch, lots of water and a tub table inside on the tiles with water, a funnel and several metal or plastic scoops and cups and such. Our house is about 2 degrees warmer in than out but with 2 extremely pale skinned children (who take after me) we’re not going outside at all. The neighbours also reported the tiger snake was back on their block and I’m not so coutry to as yet be used to the idea of a venomous snake being within 500m of me and not behind glass. 😦

    Water play, undies/nappies only, salty crackers, lotsa water and take out. The iPad or laptop are there for backup too (we don’t have a tv).

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