Harvest Monday – 20 January, 2014

Another week, another harvest.  But this wasn’t just any week, this was the week Victoria tried to roast itself and in the process beat just about all heat wave records.  And then a blessed cool change swept over us leaving behind gentle breezes and mild temperatures and we all realised we’d made it through, though nerves were quite frayed after all those days inside with kids.

That said you can understand why most of my harvests were done early morning or late evening and in something of a hurry.  There was no dilly-dallying around in the patch, it was all about the mission, get that zucchini and get the hell out of there.

This week….

1 decent sized zucchini (hurray!)


A handful of beans (I lost most of my bean plants to the heat, my only loss, but still there goes my harvest)

Lots and lots and lots of rocket in preparation for the plants inevitably going to flower in the heat… which they did.


Lots of lettuce too…. some did get damaged in the heat but most has fared remarkably well.


Strawberries, straight from plant to mouth.

This week’s forcast is so much more pleasant that I think there will be lots of garden time.  As always head over to Daphne’s for more harvesting and if you’re yet to check out The New Good Life of Facebook you can do that too.

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7 Responses to Harvest Monday – 20 January, 2014

  1. narf77 says:

    My rocket went straight from tasty and small to HUGE and bitter as sin so I hauled it all out and hurled it onto the ground where I am going to start building a new bed. Nothing like a brassica massacre to get the soil going 😉 I gave my first zuke away to my daughters who will no doubt turn it into something interesting and Korean (pancakes anyone?) and everything else is going mental but without much in the way of “fruit” yet. My beetroot is pretty huge though so I am not going to complain 🙂

    • Barbara Good says:

      ooh yum, Korean pancakes, wish I knew your daughter!

      • narf77 says:

        I have 2 of them…they both live together in our house in Launceston and are currently on a Korean food kick. They couldn’t cook ANYTHING when we lived with them and suddenly they have learned how to cook amazingly well. Looks like we should have moved out faster! 😉 It’s always a fun adventure for me to visit them and stay overnight as we eat some really incredible things 🙂

  2. daphnegould says:

    It is amazing that your lettuce survived that heat wave. And too bad about the beans. I so think of beans as hot weather plants. But our hot and your hot are two very different things.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Beans usually do go well in the heat here too Daphne, but these were against a metal shed wall and four days about 41 degrees with the heat radiating off the wall was more than they could take. The lettuce is mostly in part shade to tucked in between larger tomato plants so it was a bit more protected thankfully.

  3. Andrea says:

    Erk what a week it was !!! lets hope we don’t have another one too soon. I can imagine what hard work it was to keep two little ones cool and content!! And poor Mr Good must of found the travelling hard yakka!!
    I lost most of my beans too only 3 plants left….. Zucchinis are great value and don’t seem to mind the heat……….hopefully you will get plenty more.

    • Barbara Good says:

      And the heat has continued though not quite to the extreme it was. The inside time with the kids is just about driving me crazy and I’m hanging out for Miss Four to start Kinder next week.
      There are a few plants that have loved the heat, the cucumber as well has really taken off.

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