Harvest Monday – 27 January 2014

It’s hot and it’s late….. and I forgot to write this earlier so I’m going to keep things brief.  This is what I picked from the patch this week:

The first of the tiny wee Wild Sweetie cherry tomatoes…. oooh I’m in love, and so are the girls.

IMG_0062 IMG_0046

A few strawberries.



Zucchini – and they were big ones finally!



Not a huge list this week, but some nice summery and substantial things coming in now.

Oh and I was very proud of being able to cook a vegetarian fried rice with lots of garden produce including zucchini, beans and silverbeet from last week’s harvest.

As always loads more harvest news here.

Also more photos, updates and recipes are posted on Facebook so check out my page if you haven’t already.

Another hot day tomorrow and a busy one for the girls and I, so I’m going to take this tired and headachey body to bed (slightly later than planned).  Hope the weather is treating you kindly and your garden is bountiful or at least behaving.

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12 Responses to Harvest Monday – 27 January 2014

  1. Liz says:

    Wild sweetie sound great – one for next year.

  2. narf77 says:

    I am not sure that I liked being lumped with Victoria when I moved to Tasmania (Tassie is sort of Victoria’s poorer cousin) but I DEFINATELY don’t like your weather lately. Hows about you keep it and let us go back to being “cold and rainy Tasmania” ok? No hard feelings (if it gets returned… can’t say I won’t be slightly miffed if I have to endure this for much longer! 😉 ). Only small green tomatoes on our shrubs, looks like a bad year all round in Tassie for tomatoes. I have zucchini but my yellow zucchini are rotting on the vine. Lots and LOTS of potential potatoes but they were planted in a mound of rotted horse manure so they are probably all greens and no guts 😦 Lots of pumpkin futures in the making though and as I eat pumpkin just about every day that should be a really good addition :). Excellent share ma’am 🙂

    • Barbara Good says:

      So did you get the hideous heat today too? It’s still 38 here at nearly 7, but a cool change is predicted sometime soon I hope. Ballarat has the cold and rainy rep too, but is certainly not living up to it at the moment. Pity about your harvest this year, I have nothing to compare it to so it seems okay to me but maybe I’ll get a surprise next year with something completely different. At least my zucchinis are finally growing to a decent size.
      You never know what’s going to happen with spuds do you. Mine look great on the surface too, who knows what’s going on underground. And my one pumpkin vine is seriously growing and fruiting for Australia, it’s staggering.

      • narf77 says:

        I have about 50 pumpkin vines in various stages of growth. Most of them grew from spent compost that I put on the garden but I planted a couple (Queensland blue and butternut) to see if they would grow…yes…they would grow! ;). This veggie gardening lark is great fun. Steve and I studied horticulture and know all about trees and shrubs and chemicals and weeds and putting things in where but they were very sketchy on the veggie garden thing (well…to be honest we were garden snobs and didn’t do much in the school veggie garden…too busy teaching ourselves to graft 😉 ) so we didn’t learn much in that department but you learn so much from keeping a vegetable garden. SO many life lessons stem from watching food grow :). I guess the most important one is learning from todays lessons so we don’t repeat the mistakes “tomorrow”. I, for one am definitely a student at the moment! Yup…hot here…hot tomorrow…hot the day after…hot…hot…hot… who said Tassie was always raining and cold?!!!

  3. Stoney Acres says:

    Beautiful harvest, nice to see tomatoes in January, it’s got me dreaming of summer for us!!

  4. Barbie says:

    Lovely. Those little sweeties look a lot like a variety I grow here. The bush is practically 8′ across and the goodness seems neverending. Lovely harvest!

  5. I had 2 or 3 small zukes on my bushes 2 days ago and I haven’t been out to check since. I live in fear! 😉 We are harvesting the occasional surprise strawberry, chard if we want it, there are a few spring onions and the sunflowers are in their glory at the moment and promising us a harvest soon enough. My tomatoes are also small hard green things but I’m happy to have any at all in all honesty. I have wild sweeties in the garden too potentially. Net year I shall keep my seeds very separate and label them! I’ll know them if they grow though. 🙂
    Well done on your harvests. Next Monday shall hopefully bring even greater bounty if Sunday’s heat isn’t too severe.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Oh I bet those zukes were considerably larger than when you first looked at them. I’ve got sunflowers now too, but I just use them as interest in the garden and collect seeds to plant next year. Do you actually eat the sunflower seeds.
      My goal for next year is better labelling too, especially given the zucchini I planted turned out to be a pumpkin and is not is a good spot for such a sprawling plant.

      • I’ve never really grown sunflowers before but I imagine the kids will have a real go cracking them open and eating them, especially Jasper. If we don’t then it’s chook food and as you say, next years seed. I reckon I’ll plant a stack more next year and maybe I can get 12 months worth of sunflower portion of chook food for free then. 🙂
        Yes, the zukes were much bigger. 3 of normal size rather than the size of a pinkie finger and 1 monster. I’ve picked and given away 3 more since them too. 🙂

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