Harvest Monday – 3 March, 2014

What a beautiful week we’ve had to be getting out in the garden or to the park.  The twice daily (well four days a week at least) walk to kinder have been gloriously uplifting.  And here is what the garden produced…..

The first two corn cobs, picked this afternoon and barbecued shortly after.  They were deliciously sweet so I’ll be picking the remaining cobs in the coming weeks.


More cherry tomatoes – the wild sweeties have really slowed down, being replaced up the unknown dark coloured large cherry and the lemon drop.

A couple of Roma tomatoes – sadly I won’t be having I tomato glut this year despite having more plants in than ever before.

IMG_0134  IMG_0121

Several more cucumbers – seems to be slowing down.  I did find time this afternoon to turn my cucumber glut into ten jars of cucumber pickles.


Just one zucchini this week, but still several little ones coming one.

A handful of strawberries

And finally more mint, parsley and basil.

As always this post is hosted by Daphne at Daphne’s Dandelions, so feel free to venture over there to have a look.  Also I’ve been sharing lots on my Facebook page so if you haven’t yet like the page, why not head there too.

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2 Responses to Harvest Monday – 3 March, 2014

  1. Your photos make my mouth water. I miss garden fresh veg. Soon..

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