Harvest Monday – 14 April, 2014

It was all about tomatoes this week as I started (or continued, to be more accurate) the garden clean up.  I pulled three of the tomato plants out, but there are still plenty more in the ground to come out in the coming weeks.


This is just over four kilos of green tomatoes, all of which are now spread out on trays on the spare bed to see if they ripen.  If not I’ll make pickles when I get back from my parents place after Easter.

You’ll all see two more little zucchinis which I picked when a cut back the plant.  The constant rain we had all of last week has made things pretty gross in the garden – lots of mould and fungus growing.  The zucchini had started showing signs of powdery mildew, I haven’t had any all season until now so that’s a positive.  I cut all the affected leaves off and binned them, dealt with the rotting, mushy zucchinis and picked these two.  I’m hoping to get a couple more in the next week and then that plant will come out too.


I picked these beautiful cherry tomatoes this afternoon with the girls.  The yellow ones need a little more ripening, but I want to pick as much as I can until I need to pull that plants out altogether.

I still had lots of cherry tomatoes in the fridge, so I’ve experimented with roasting them and freezing them to use in a casserole or something later in the year.

My poor old dying Bay tree got a brutal pruning today to see if I can save the tree – I’m not hopefully but it’s worth a try.  I collected all the good leaves and will dry them to use as well.

The only other produce coming out of the garden is a few herbs, mint and parsley.  At least with all this rain both of them are thriving.

That’s it for me, for more go and check out Daphne’s.

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