Harvest Monday (on Tuesday), 29 April, 2014

Argh, I forgot to do this post last night thanks to some compelling discussions of Q and A and quite a bit of yelling at the TV – I did love watch Malcolm Turnbull squirm when forced to support George Brandis’ bigotry comments!  But anyway, I really wanted to post about my harvest this week because I picked the only eggplants I got this year and that’s worth celebrating.

So here they are….


along with the last few little (and one normal sized) zucchinis


And the tomatoes off another four plants that got pulled from the garden.  This photo was taken after I had given quite a few away.


The eggplant. zucchini, and some tomatoes went into a pasta sauce with olives, capers and anchovies as well as the usual onion and garlic and a tin of tomatoes.  It was delicious and there’s nothing more seasonal than straight from the garden to the pot.

And not photographed was some silverbeet and a few herbs.

I’m hoping the rain that is forecast for this week will clear at some point so I can pull the last two tomato plants and that will be the end of the tomatoes for this year.  It was a slow start but I’m pretty pleased to say that I haven’t bought tomatoes for months and to still be getting them at the end of April is pretty good.  I’ve also got a big stockpile of cherry tomato and chilli jam and green tomato pickles as well as tomatoes (roasted and raw) in the freezer to use over the winter.  In place of the tomatoes I’ve planted lots of garlic, snowpeas and will put in broad beans in a couple of weeks.  In the bed yet to be cleared I’ll plant turnips, beetroots, swedes (if I’ve got seeds left) and fennel – hopefully it won’t be too late for that.

For more head here.


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One Response to Harvest Monday (on Tuesday), 29 April, 2014

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m sorry that your eggplants were so stingy this year, how disappointing. 😦 But what lovely tomatoes! That almost makes up for the lack of eggplant.

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