Harvest Monday – May 12, 2014

Well, my posts are becoming few and far between, a response to a busy life, but also not a lot happening in either kitchen or garden.  Having said that the Autumn sunshine was just too enticing today so I took a break from reading journal articles (my head is swimming with them!) and finally cleared out the last of the summer crops.  Can you believe it’s taken me this long!

In the process I picked a bowl full of wild sweetie and lemon drop tomatoes… Officially the last tomatoes for the year!

And two zucchinis, also the last for the year.


Now my harvest will pretty much be limited to silverbeet, rocket, kale and hopefully some peas, snow peas, broccoli, cauliflower (though I’m not sure that my seedlings survived) and cabbage.  I’ll pop some broadbean seeds in tomorrow if the sun stays around.  And I have planted a lot of garlic but that will be months away from being picked.

Once again this is hosted by Daphne, so check out her blog and others’ harvests here.

Update: my May 500 challenge has so far been going well.  I have found 363 items of baby clothes to get rid of either to friends, family or to the op shop.  I’m in the process of getting it all washed and sorted ready to go, but have already offloaded several large bags full of items.  I have also found 107 of household items including books, CDs, DVDs some adult clothes and other bits and pieces to get rid of.  These are currently mostly in the spare room waiting to be delivered to the appropriate place… it’s getting pretty crowded in there.

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3 Responses to Harvest Monday – May 12, 2014

  1. you still have so much in your garden compared to me! i’m popping in new silverbeet plants today hopefully, and some kale seeds. i love kale and have really missed having it in the garden (and the kitchen).

  2. Jenny Pearson says:

    Hi Barbara, it is just lovely to still be able to go into the garden and gather up some goodies for use – so much better than anything that is bought. I always have rhubarb and strawberry plants, but also have some silverbeet and a couple of capsicums still producing, the rest of the garden is bare, ready for the summer growing period. On a completely different vein, have been “harvesting” special books for two delightful little girls. Let me know if you want them all as I am going through to our mutual friend’s place next Tuesday, and I will leave them there. The books in question are all by Enid Blyton and are The Wishing Chair Again, Mr. Meddle’s Muddles and The Magic Watering Can (almost appropriate for a little gardener!!!), and they are all hard cover and about 19cmx12cm, and in great condition. Look forward to hearing your decision.

    • Barbara Good says:

      I’m left with just some silverbeet, parsley, mint and rocket from now on Jenny, that is until (if??) the winter veg start producing. I didn’t get much in, in the end, just some snow peas, broccoli and cabbage (think the cauliflower has already been lost to the snails) and garlic. But will try to get my broadbeans in tomorrow. Tho books sound great, I do already have the wishing chair again (did you find that one or was it a discovery from Booktown, I can’t remember), but have a friend with a daughter who would probably enjoy that one. Can’t wait to read the Magic Watering Can, a new one to me, they sound great, Thanks!

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