Garden Share Collective – July 2014


Once again I’m late with this post and my lack of attention to the garden means that I don’t have a lot to say.  The weather here has been terrible, bitterly cold, gusty unbearable winds and wet, wet, wet.  Though I did just sneak out and snap a few photos for this month at least.  It’s also been a somewhat difficult time personally and for my family so blogging and gardening have gone by the wayside quite a lot.  Anyway enough of that, here’s what’s currently growing in the patch….

The randomly scattered broccoli plants are coming along, some more than others and most in among the cosmos, pea and rocket that have sprung up all over the garden.  I really should clean it all up, but I can’t see that happening for a while yet.


My one glorious red cabbage is like a beacon of hope and beauty in the otherwise much neglected, messy and weed-filled garden beds.  I’m not sure that it’s going to form a proper head (my track record not being good), but I love looking at it nonetheless.


The paddock of rocket is completely out of control and has swamped the kale, parsley and spring onions.  Though the silverbeet in the back is looking magnificent.


The broad beans and snow peas are coming along slowly and there’s actually some semblance of order in this bed.


The garlic is still growing nicely, though the weeds are building up in this bed too.


That’s all I managed to plant out this winter, so the rest of the beds are either under mulch or full of weeds and too shameful to photograph.

I’m not harvesting much except the silverbeet and rocket, a little parsley from a pot and some mint growing wild.

Planting:  I have no plans to plant anything this month.  I need to get on top of what I have got in and sort of the beds before I can think of doing anything like planting.

To do:  Weed, weed, weed, weed, weed!!!!!

It seems winter gardening – which I used to quite enjoy – is a whole different ball game in this climate.  It gets so cold I can’t move my fingers and my feet go numb, so a few plant and forget crops is exactly what is needed.  And while I’m cozy and warm inside my house, I think now is the perfect time to check out some other far more ordered and productive gardens than mine.  If you’re interested you can see plenty more garden share posts at Strayed from the Table.

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7 Responses to Garden Share Collective – July 2014

  1. I was very interested to hear about your bad weather, I thought we were the only ones having difficulties with wind, frost, and rain! I agree, not much to do at this time of the year, but still the weeds seem to get away on me also. Loved your post! Anna

    • Barbara Good says:

      Thanks Anna, yes the weeds have sure been left to run wild at my place lately. And of course it’s another wet and freezing day so nothing will happen out there today.

  2. merrynsmenu says:

    Self seeded rocket tastes the best! I am so over kale, I tried to cook it many different ways but the family wins, so it was given to the chickens, but your kale looks good and silverbeet grows so well over winter. Weeeding, one of the have-to-do past times but at least weeds grow slower in winter 😀

  3. For someone who says they don’t have a lot going on, I reckon there’s a bit. 😉 Winter just means things grow so slowly, it feels like not much is happening. But there looks like you still have a fair bit going on. Hope the weather warms up enough for your fingers not to freeze.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Oh I had plans for so much more Bek, but you know what happens to best laid plans. I too hope it warms up enough for my fingers not to freeze, I have a row of rose bushes that are in desperate need of a prune! I feel like I’m letting the whole town down – a town full of rose pruning experts!

  4. Your garden is super green and full of production. Enjoy your weeding and think of it as meditation as apposed to a chore. Happy gardening

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