Garden Share Collective – August 2014


Welcome to another month in my patch and touring around the other fabulous Garden Share Collective gardens.  Not a lot has been happening in my neck of the woods of the gardening variety anyway.  We’ve had a very cold, wet, miserable sort of winter with very few days suitable for gardening.  Despite this I have managed to grab the odd hour here and there to get a few things done.  We did have a most exciting, snow-filled day which you’ll see from this month’s photos – the girls loved it and so did I.  It’s fairly unusual for snow to fall in the middle of Ballarat, more often it’s in the surrounding higher areas, so this made the local and state news as well as filling my Facebook feed.

IMG_0212 IMG_0218


This month…..

I’ve pruned the roses out the front – a most detestable job if you ask me!  There were many, many finger pricks, jumper jags and swear words from me.  The worst was when a tiny, but very thorny, twig slipped down inside my glove and wedged itself between my wedding ring and finger, thorns catching on the webbing between my fingers.  It was not a pleasant experience, but it is done for another year.

I’ve weeded the front garden entirely and have noticed my bulbs are up but seem to be growing very slowing compared with the neighbours – I wonder if they planted them earlier than I did?

6777_10152645887835229_5096747251729751724_n 10552370_770977582952677_231394641604374513_n

I’ve started weeding the back yard, but that is very much a work in progress.

I’ve been attempting to take control the rocket which is growing wild everywhere (note to self: do not let the rocket self seed this year!!!).  I’ve pulled up piles and piles of it, most going to feed a friend’s rabbits and some to the compost.  In doing this I discovered a row of spring onions valiantly clinging to life in the the undergrowth.

Mostly weeds.... covered in snow.

Mostly weeds and rocket…. covered in snow.

I’ve thinned out the broccoli (after randomly scattering seeds as is my style).  It’s at various stages of development now so I’m hoping the broccoli harvest will last a while.  I also noticed both green and purple sprouting (I think).  I had thought only the green germinated, so that’s exciting.

My beautiful snow-covered red cabbage.

My beautiful snow-covered red cabbage.

Nothing new has been planted this month and probably not next month either.  I’m enjoying having about half the garden in hiatus and hopefully the soil is enjoying its nice thick layer of mulch and is getting ready from a summer crop.

Given the current neglect of the garden in it’s winter slow growth the harvests are pretty much non-existent besides (the ever-reliable) silverbeet, rocket (obviously) and a bit of parsley.

On the to-do list for the next month includes:

Continuing the weeding – in short bursts.  It’s all I can manage before my hands start to ache with cold.  Hopefully I’ll get on top of the back yard next month and then I’ll be ready to start some planting in September, October and on towards the warmer months.

Some further rocket abatement – I hope those bunnies are enjoying it!

Moving the lemon tree from the pot – where it is clearly not happy – to a sunny spot in the front garden.

Well that’s it for me, I’m off to check out the rest of the action.  In the meatime, tell me what’s happening in your garden, plans, actions, just enjoying the view from the warmth of the house?

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3 Responses to Garden Share Collective – August 2014

  1. fergie51 says:

    Thought you may like this Garden is looking great considering. Lovely to see how its progressing. 🙂

  2. Rachel and Jamie says:

    How exciting to get snow! Hope it hasn’t ruined too many of your veggies. Thanks for the warning about the rocket. I will need to pull muine out as it has begun to flower.

  3. renlikesred says:

    Your girls would have been beside themselves! I just loved it too – it was such good fun. My garden is moving along slowly too but hoping for something to harvest by next month. My frost covered broccoli and cauliflowers are getting there, cabbages are being nibbled on by the snails but not too badly (touch wood!) leeks, garlics and potatoes all seem to be doing well, peas struggling under the wild winds a bit but should do ok as they get bigger and wrap around the tee pee and the carrots are doing pretty much nothing!
    Its nice to see a bit of sun yesterday and today. There hasn’t been much of that to inspire me to get out in the garden much lately either!

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