Why I Love……

I wrote last week about feel a little down, frustrated, unfulfilled.  Time to balance the scales and write about some that makes me feel happy.  In this case, it’s why I love YouTube.

1.  An afternoon You Tube music adventure.

This is where the girls and I find some music on You Tube and use the the suggestion panel down the side to journey through a musical afternoon adventure, the final destination being anyone’s guess.  I try to start with something that will appeal to all three of us…. like this great version of Peter, Paul and Mary’s Puff the Magic Dragon which I have sung to the girls since the day they were born.  Although we do also do a kids music adventure, starting perhaps with this gorgeous song, Down by the Bay (a You Tube discovery on a previous adventure) or something by Fransiscus Henri or Don Spencer.  The beauty of a You Tube music adventure in our house is that I have a portable speaker that I can play songs directly from my iPhone on.  This means our adventures often happen outside of the deck (or the stage as the girls call it).  So it’s an adventure, great music, and being outside all in one, what’s not to love.

2.  Dolly Parton

Okay so my thing for Dolly Parton is probably not shared by many…. and perhaps I should be a little embarrassed to be publicly admitting this, but there it is.  I find those days where the girls have brow-beaten me into agreeing to take part in some mind-numbing role playing game that if I put on the You Tube Dolly Mix I can get through pretty much anything.  Throw in a bit of Jolene, Islands in the Stream (with Kenny of course) or Coat of Many Colours and I can even manage at semi-acceptable performance of Mrs Rabbit.  (Just for the record I think my three year old might be working on a PhD project, “Why Rebecca Rabbit is so much better than Peppa Pig”).

If Dolly doesn’t do it, a bit of Johnny is always worth a try.

3. The Learning Opportunities are Endless.

Want to learn to crochet a granny square, try this (it worked for me).  Joining squares, doing edges of various types, different stitches, whole projects.  It’s all there, a wealth of the world’s crochet wisdoms all videoed and explained (the quality varies, so you might need to scope it out first), just waiting for you to pick up wool, hook and press play.  I’m sure the same would apply to knitting.

Want to joint a chicken just like Delia, try this.  Or a rabbit like Jamie? Go here.

And if you want to fix something (which I don’t do much of, but Mr Good does lots) then there’s probably a You Tube video to give you some help.

4. As a stay at home mum fitting in exercise classes is no mean feat.  And paying for them is a struggle too.  I do manage one Pilates class a week (most weeks…) but aside from that I hit You Tube.  I’ve tried a couple of 30 Pilates sessions like this one and this one.  I’ve also been doing a bit of Yoga on those days where I REALLY need to chill out a bit.  I like this one, but I’m still exploring some of the others.  And if you’ve only got five minutes before the kids start using you as a jungle gym, search “five minute full body workout” and you could do a different one everyday for a year.

5. Of course there’s no better place to find funny videos than You Tube, a five minute pick-me-up to get you through to the kids bedtime perhaps.

The Televator (this one is 13 minutes, but so worth it)

A walrus work-out

These are just two I’ve come across recently.  Love it when friends share these on Facebook, because who has time to trawl You Tube to find them in the first place (I’ll leave that to the 16 year olds, once they’ve finished reading The Fault in Our Stars of course).  

Now this is where it gets interesting.  It’s over to you to share the funniest, most helpful, best music clip or any other wonder that can be found on You Tube.  Let’s share the love!


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12 Responses to Why I Love……

  1. I love Dolly Parton too – I love belting out a classic Dolly tune, not sure everyone else in the house enjoys it tho!! I too have learn to cook, crochet and computer stuff of youtube people are so kind to share their talents on there. this is what I want to try next https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqgHPWyKHmQ

    • Barbara Good says:

      Oh yeah, that looks like a great one. I’ve just pinned it so I can find it again. Might work for a rug I have in mind if I ever get time to get the two half finished ones done.
      And I’m glad I’m not the only one with a thing for Dolly!

  2. My favourite YouTube clips all come from one user. As much as I adore other clips, the funnies (funniest cat moments occupies kids wonderfully 😉 ) I have found this the best help ever. I love to knit but I’m still a beginner and these clips help me when I need to do some of the more advanced techniques like Kitchener stitch, stretchy bind-off or any number of different techniques. 🙂

    • Barbara Good says:

      I’ve just pinned that one too. I’m not much of a knitter, I struggle with sore hands much more so in knitting that when I crochet, but I do have some wool and a pattern book I’ve been meaning to try.
      Oh and how good are funny cat videos to fill those moments you just need the kids occupied.

      • And those moments when you need to hear the roar of little people laughter. I find it’s a particularly effective tool when Mummy is having a bad day and ABD for kids has worn thin.

      • Barbara Good says:

        The only problem with videos that induce the roar of little people laughter is that they then want to watch 17 times back to back until that very same video is then the element sending my sanity packing once more! But still that first 5-6 times is probably worth it.

      • If you can find a really long one the repeat thingy isn’t so bad but yes, I hear you. Oh boy do I hear you. Baby Jake, Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom anyone? I do hate iView sometimes. 😉

  3. renlikesred says:

    Great post 🙂 something I am loving which I think I share without bias – some dear old friends of mine (one a nurse) have started an organisation called learn to live ( http://www.learntolive.global.org ) where they travel to remote locations like villages in Indonesia and set up “pop up” clinics – providing free healthcare to people in need. They also set up catchment systems for clean drinking water and my friend’s dad (an old retired school teacher of mine) teaches classes to them about how to use/maintain the water tanks, good hygiene practices for health/avoiding infection etc… It’s really quite remarkable. Anyway, one of these friends is a fabulous cabaret performer/comedian who I used to sing with in festivals, shows and bands (pre teaching) and he wanted to get involved but was feeling lacking in very useful skills. Anyway, here’s what he did to help instead. It really makes me smile. The link is called “yoga is not going to cure malaria – the musical.”

  4. renlikesred says:

    And this one is probably a more informative clip about what they do 🙂

  5. wendyblume says:

    love it! I don’t mind a bit of Dolly myself, and I’ve been a yogaglo.com member for nearly 4 years. I love it that I can cop out and do a quick 20 minute class but still feel righteous at the end.

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