Garden Share Collective – October 2014

I am embarrassingly late with this post, but I wanted to get something written at least for my own records, so I will attempt to make this brief (not my strong suit).


Firstly Planting – YAY I actually did some!!

So far I have planted in seed trays: tomatoes (8 varieties, perhaps that was overkill!), eggplant (2 varieties), capsicum (2 varieties), pumpkin (butternut), cucumber (Lebanese) and zucchini (green and yellow).

In the ground I have planted: Potatoes (kipler and pink fir) mixed lettuce, mustard greens, pak choy, choy sum.


Potato cage with a layer of pea straw (look closely and you’ll see the plants in there somewhere)

I also planted mature plants of flat leaf parsley, rosemary, lemon thyme and cavolo nero.

Finally I tidied up some pots which are now looking pretty nice.

IMG_0346 IMG_0348


Growing: Silverbeet, rocket, lettuce, spring onions, snow peas, broad beans, garlic, potatoes, green and purple sprouting broccoli and strawberries.

IMG_0331 IMG_0342 IMG_0339

Harvesting: Silverbeet, rocket, lettuce, spring onions, parsley, rosemary, lemon thyme, snow peas, broccoli and my one and only red cabbage.

IMG_0337 IMG_0343


To do:
A little weeding – though this is just a small job now.
Water the seedlings in the green house and in the ground (if it doesn’t rain)
Put a rocket under Mr Good to get my garden path finished!!!!!
More planting
Prepare the garden beds for the maturing seedlings

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4 Responses to Garden Share Collective – October 2014

  1. Linda says:

    Your garden looks wonderful – imagine how it would have been if you did not have other issues! Waiting to see the Path a la Mr Good. 🙂

    • Barbara Good says:

      Don’t hold your breath on the path Linda!! The garden is looking nice in that sort of jungly ‘natural’ kind of way! But it is also providing some tasty things for the kitchen.

  2. Jenny Pearson says:

    Hi Barbara, lovely weekend last week – enjoyed it very much, and the company of your delightful girls and their not so small cousin (bit biased there!!!). I have just a small garden for my vegie garden this year – for obvious reasons, having said that, I have both climbing beans and bush beans all up and looking great, garlic by the bucket load – especially when you consider there are only two of us, and a real treat this week, a friend dropped in and brought me a gift of elephant garlic plants – as the name suggests, they are huuugggeee – however are meant to be milder than the normal garlic, so transplanted them and watered well, and they are standing up lovely and straight. Have also bought some tomato plants, unfortunately I had to buy a punnet of them, really only wanted about 4 plants, but have 6 now, which will give us way more than we would use. My herbs and strawberry plants are going great guns, as is the rhubarb and silverbeet (both for us and my feathered girls), and that’s about it – when I read through it is quite an amount for us, and we look forward to enjoying the eventual harvest. If you would like the recipe for that beautiful sauce you tasted last weekend, let me know, it is not hard, just time consuming.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Jenny, I’ve looked at this comment three times now meaning to reply and something (or someone) always distracts me. Wasn’t the little party just lovely! Did you see the photos I took and sent down – he may not have been particularly smiley that day, but he sure is cute!!!
      We have lots of garlic in too – but we use LOTS of garlic! Think I’ll be picking my first broad beans this weeks and the snow peas are coming in hard and fast. I have very much impressed myself by growing tomato seedlings for seeds I save last year, they need pricking out now but of course I haven’t got to that. I think they’ll end up going in a little late, but hopefully we still get a crop. Yes please send that recipe my way!!

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