Good book club – October 2014

I haven’t been writing much lately, we seem to have hit a bump in the ‘we never get sick’ road. And today is another day that has me on the couch, Miss Five in bed and Miss Three chugging along at full speed, bored and stir crazy. We are so gearing up for school transition which officially starts tomorrow (how the heck did that happen?), finishing (well, struggling with would be a more accurate description) my last uni assignment for the year and other busy family-life stuff.

However, it’s book club night tonight and every time I talk about it Miss Five asks if she and I can start a book club. And of course anything Miss Five does, Miss Three will follow. So here you have it, our first video blog book club.

These are really fun books, perfect for age five to perhaps ten or twelve and would be great for young readers to read on their own.  As it is I have read this one multiple times for Miss Five and she has been found several times lying on her bed pouring over the pages (much to her mothers delight).  This is the first in a series so it should keep us going for a while.

Miss Three’s video review is a little less comprehensible, but that’s not because she loves this book any less.  Mr Good and I have read this one to death – it’s one I sometimes hide when I just can’t face it again.  While it’s certainly not my favourite it is still a lovely book.  There’s a princess, pink sparkly wool that you can feel and follow on each page and nice rhyming text.

The girls had so much fun making these videos Miss Five declared she wanted to do one every day.  I’ll spare you that but I think there may be more to come.

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2 Responses to Good book club – October 2014

  1. Glenn Finlay says:

    Hi Barbara. I haven’t replied for ages but have been reading! I have missed your garden blogs!!! However I really enjoyed this blog. Our daughter who is 11 loved the little video blogs. It is one of the most heart warming things in life to see children who love books. We mark it as one if our great achievements as parents so far to have 2 kids that love books like we do.
    The garden here in Sale is less than perfect as we are renovating -blah! But we have potatoes garlic and broadbeans because I just can’t help myself.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    • Barbara Good says:

      What a lovely comment Glenn, thank you! I too mark as a personal/parental achievement that I am raising lovers of books and reading (one more so than the other, but I’ll work on that!).
      The garden posts have been few and far between due to a severe and long-standing lack of time to get out there. Mostly I find five or ten minutes, shove a few seeds in some dirt and hope for the best. I’m studying on top of everything else, but that finishes up for the year in a couple of weeks so fingers crossed I’ll get back out there then.

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