Tomato Seedlings

I won’t start by yet again whingeing about how infrequently I’ve been making it out into the garden – you’ve all heard that before – today’s post is about what I HAVE managed to do recently.  And this is for you Glenn, you wanted more garden news and what can I say, I aim to please!

Some weeks ago I scavenged half an hour out of my day to do something about my spring/summer garden knowing if I didn’t get my act into gear I wouldn’t be harvesting much of anything.  I also had a bunch of new seeds to have a play with as well as some that I had saved from last year.  I had also been gathering some much needed advice about growing from seed in seed trays after a pretty dismal history in this department.  This advice needed trying out.

My first step was to line my seed trays with some cardboard.  This would stop the seeds being washed down through the gaps when I watered them (which happened last year I think) and also absorb some of the moisture to release back into the soil later – well that’s my thinking anyway.  The tomato seeds I had saved (wild sweeting, a dark cherry variety and a nameless cherry variety – I thought I had saved the lemon drops seeds as well, but if so they have since disappeared) had been squeezed on to paper towel, spread out a little and then left to dry before being stored (still on the paper towel).  All I did was lay the sheets of paper towel in the half filled seed trays and cover them with more seed-raising mix.  A couple of weeks in the green house and I had this – a very crowded mass of gorgeous little seedlings, YAY!

IMG_0378 IMG_0379

Today I pricked out three of each and repotted them into larger pots on their own.  I have popped them back in the green house to get a bit biggger (advice being to give them plenty of seaweed solution or worm wee to get them going) and then they’ll go in the ground.  It will be a little later than the Cup Day tomato planting instruction, but hopefully not too long.


I week or so after I planted the first lot of seeds I tried some new tomato seeds varieties, some in a seed tray as per the above with the cardboard at the bottom, and some in smaller seedling punnets.  I put the bigger tray into the outside greenhouse and the rest into a make shift green house in the laundry – a nice sunny room..  Of these ones, I only have 1 grosse lisse seed that had germinated – BOO!  I don’t know what has happened to the others.  I tell you, there is a lot riding on that one grosse lisse!!!

Grow lisse, grow!!

Grow lisse, grow!!

Now more advice needed – should I give those seeds a bit longer?  Should I replant into seed trays/seedling pots?  Or should I throw some straight in the ground and see what happens?

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8 Responses to Tomato Seedlings

  1. fergie51 says:

    Nice to hear about your garden again! My tomato seedlings have been ever so slow in getting fired up this year but they are finally on the way. I would give that GL a little longer (next set of leaves before planting out and then maybe cover it with a cut of soft drink bottle etc until it zooms. If it fails, happy to send a few your way! 🙂

    • Barbara Good says:

      Oh yes, the GL is still inside in its little tray, still lonely! I will pot it up into a slightly larger pot once the next set of leaves (which are starting to come on now) have grown and then pop it outside in the greenhouse. I think I’ll hold off put any in the garden for at least another week. I’ve also noticed a couple of the other varieties have finally started germinating, but some are looking a little sick. Fingers crossed I get at least a couple more.

  2. kmfinigan says:

    Great to see you’re getting back into the garden! I wrote a whole post on seedlings for spring, which might give you a little helping hand!

  3. Glenn FinlY says:

    Great blog post. Good to see those little seedlings. They look great! I was just reading Peter Cundalls article in the the Weekly Times and he doesn’t plant his out in Tassie till mid November. So using the give or take a week or two rule you should be fine I reckon. I don’t think I would plant straight into the ground but having said that my self sets often out perform purchased seedlings!!!
    That mighty magnificent Grosse Lisse made me smile!
    Sunny days

    • Barbara Good says:

      Right, if Pete doesn’t do it til mid Nov that’s good enough for me. The climate would be fairly similar I think. That grosse lisse makes me smile too, every time I take a peak.

  4. I’ve actually had some rather startling success with my tomatoes this year, growing from seed. The trick that worked for me was to have them all in wicking beds so to speak. Any and every possible container has been put to use to hold a small reservoir of water underneath the seed trays. Hence I have around 40 Roma tomato seedlings (I’ve already given away heaps) and about the same of Moneymaker. I also snapped off the extra shoots on my cherry tomatoes I grew inside over the winter and I have about 20 cherry tomatoes to plant out too. I need to work out where to plant them all now! My point here though is:
    Would you like some? 🙂
    I would give your seedlings a little longer if possible until they have 2 sets of true leaves before planting them out too. Just a bit more to harvest the suns energy and get big. When you pot them up too, bury them up to their lower level of leaves so they have more roots. 🙂

    • Barbara Good says:

      No rats in the greenhouse this year? 40 Romas!!! My goodness, I hope you’ve got a good sauce recipe. I haven’t yet planted any in the garden, but some have gone into slightly bigger pots and yes, I did plant them deeply – I remembered that advice from Diggers when I last bought seedlings there. I’ve also had a couple more seeds germinate so hopefully I will have just enough for what I want. I’m trying to to over plant like I did last year. It became next to impossible to harvest from some of the plants and I think I’ll get better results with fewer plants – at least I hope so. I’ve definitely got my fill of cherry tomatoes, that’s for sure. Thanks for the offer of yours though.

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