Garden Share Collective – January, 2015

Welcome to 2015’s very first blog post and the first for quite a while.  I have enjoyed a break from most of my regular schedule over the last couple of weeks and have spent some lovely, quiet time with my family, close and extended.  We had a very exciting (for the kids) and happy Christmas and brought in the New Year with a sedate gathering with my siblings, their partners and children.  The food was great! We had cleared out pretty soon after  midnight (as happens post children) and then on New Years Day Mr Good headed up to the river (Murray that is) with mates for a few days.  The kids and I spent a gorgeous day at the beach and then hunkered down inside to endure a couple of days of horrendous heat, wild winds and then a drenching storm.

The garden has kicked into summer gear and I have started picking a few new things here and there.  I’m looking forward to the real summer harvests (ie tomatoes) but in the meantime here is my garden update as part of the Garden Share Collective.


What’s growing:
About 20 tomato plants of various varieties and various stages of growth
Lots of strawberries
Five capsicums (is it just me or are these super slow growing, any tips to give them a boost?)
Two yellow and one Black Jack zucchini
Two butternut pumpkin
Beans of various types
Two sugar snap peas (have not had much luck with these)
Three Lebanese Cucumbers (another slow grower)
Spring Onions

IMG_0047 IMG_0046 IMG_0045 IMG_0044

Strawberries – a least a couple of handfuls every few days
Spring Onions
A few sugar snap peas
The first three beans
The first yellow zucchini
And the last of the big garlic harvest (no more in the garden now)

IMG_0052 IMG_0050 IMG_0043

To do:
Lots of weeding – need to keep on top of the kykuyu grass
Pest control – I have white flies in plague proportions and the pear tree has pear slug.  I think I’ve conquered the slugs until the next lot of eggs hatch, but the white flies are making a complete mess of my herbs, potatoes and are starting on the beans.  Apparently this is a bad year for them – any one else have trouble with white fly?  Think I’m going to have to spray with Pyrethrum.

To finish I thought you might enjoy like these pictures capturing my two girls enjoying the rain and coo change after the terrible weather we had on Saturday.

IMG_0032 IMG_0040

IMG_0038 IMG_0030 IMG_0035

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13 Responses to Garden Share Collective – January, 2015

  1. merrynsmenu says:

    How healthy your garden is looking. Lucky you were able to go indoors through the mad heat, but your garden survived. Your girls look so happy to run with wild abandon. Happy New Year and I look forward to checking in on your garden next month.

  2. skud says:

    The weekend was a bit rough, wasn’t it? Yes, peppers are often slow-growing. I don’t know how to hurry them along. The best success I’ve ever had with them was in pots so I’m thinking maybe I’ll just go back to that!

    My garden’s a mess after all my travel in the spring. I have six tomato plants, though, at various stages of maturity, and I have hopes of zucchini sometime. I didn’t get my zucchini in until January last year and I still got a glut, so whatever!

    I don’t have whitefly but I do have earwigs. Do you have them? Little bastards.

    • Barbara Good says:

      My best peppers were the ones I over-wintered in the garden when we lived in Melbourne. That second season they were so much further ahead. Don’t think that’s possible in this climate. I may give them up after this year and save the space for something else.
      Yes I reckon zucchini are a fair bet whenever you get them in.
      So are earwigs worse than white fly. I don’t have any noticeable population of them, but can’t open my mouth when I walk through the garden for fear of eating my own body weight in white fly. Horrid things!

  3. Linda says:

    Your garden is looking good! Surprised your cucumbers are slow (I think we are around the same latitude), as mine have been going gang-busters. But it might be because I ODed on ewe poo on that bed. Whatever it was, I want to repeat it.
    I’ve found I never really get capsicums until late in the season, no matter how early I put them in. And mine are late this year.

    • Barbara Good says:

      My cucumbers were slow last year too – don’t know why. I did end up with a glut of them so I should complain, but I’d be happy to start getting a few about now!

  4. Looking great! Love the photos of the girls having fun 🙂

  5. Jenny Pearson says:

    Hi Barbara, sorry for not being on the radar for so long – we have had a couple of other things on our minds. I don’t have much in my vegie garaden for obvious reasons, however, I did plant six tomato plants, a generous row of bush beans (just love home grown beans), a generous row of climbing beans, garlic and always in the garden is rhubarb and strawberries. Well the tomatoes have never looked so fantastic and loaded with fruit – naturally this is so as we have sold our house!!! and I have been gathering the bush beans, climbers are not yet ready. I also harvested all my garlic and it looks wonderful, really crunchy and delicious (put some in a roast leg of lamb recently – the smell was glorious) – the good news is that the new owners (well the female side of the equation) is of an Italian background, and she has told her grandfather about the vegie garden she will inherit, and he is itching to get his fingers on it, and she (owner) just loves home grown tomatoes, and I am also leaving my oregano and chives as they are in too big a pot to take with us, and the new owners are so pleased about this also. On the up side, I inherit a few fruit trees – apricot, two apples and a nectarine that we will keep, however unfortunately to needing to erect a shed for someone’s hobby, the two plums area going to have to go (bye, bye plum jam!! hello apricot jam, maybe!!) and there is also a vegie garden – though I will eventually relocate it. I am also going to re-establish all my herbs in pots – and no, this will NOT be done in the first week, more like the second week, as I cannot do without my herbs. I must say I do like the fairies that inhabit your garden – they are really delightful little imps!!! Sounds like all three of the kids are bits of water babies – someone seems to just love his Christmas present. Maybe this time next year I will be gloating over a whole new garden, and telling stories of warding off birds to keep my precious fruit – fruit trees are a whole new ball game for me, however I grew up with a backyard full of them, so let’s hope something has rubbed off – still a local expert is sure to be around, I hope!!!

    • Barbara Good says:

      Well it’s kid of sad but kind of happy to be leaving your house and garden (of course) then. When we sold our last house I don’t think my veggie garden proved much of an asset in the selling in the end. Going by the state of the front garden when I last drove past I fear the back (and my precious plum and apple trees) will be much neglected! Leaving it to someone who would appreciate it would be much nicer. I am very sad about the future loss of your plum trees, plums being my favourite, but apricots are probably a close second and apples and nectarines are great too. I understand about the herbs, very important!!
      As for the water babies, they certainly don’t inherit it from me but yes they both love being wet. As for that third cheeky one I heard the swimming lessons weren’t his favourite thing but I am glad his pool has been a hit. My two desperately wanted to stay and test it out with him, but alas we had to leave. We’re heading up to our favourite beach spot for about ten days on Wednesday. Mr Good and I are having bets on how early Miss Five will be asking to go for a swim, last year it was before 6am the morning after we got there. Good luck finding a local expert, I am sure there will be one close at hand.

  6. Happy New Year Barbara. I can understand the little girl’s joy at the cool change. It was a horrible day. I haven’t had white flies so take my advice with a grain of slat – have you tried chilli garlic spray on them? My capsicums were slow last year and there was not many but I left 4 in the garden over winter and they are amazingly productive this year. I have had a kilo in the last two weeks from 4 plants. I have been picking them quite small in size so they are lovely and sweet. Good luck with getting rid of the white flies. I hope that you find something that works. Have a great month.

  7. Lizzie says:

    Happy new Year. Give your capsicums a good dose of fertilizer and plenty of water and I am sure they will pick up. Look forward to seeing your bountiful tomato harvests.

  8. Happy New Year, I enjoyed the pictures of your daughters in the rain. It’s chilly here and hard to imagine hot weather on the other side of the world. I definitely have tomato envy.

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