Hello again

Oh dear, I feel very neglectful of my poor old blog, I haven’t posted since March and even this one is coming from my phone so it won’t be long. 

In that time my life has taken a slightly different tact. I’ve been working three days a week teaching in a local secondary school. I have been loving reclaiming my professional self. I’m having fun with all the new technology in classrooms now, chatting with delightful young adults full of ideas and opinions about the world and engaging with fellow teachers. My contract finishes soon but hopefully there will be more work coming. 

With me working the home life has also changed. A bit more childcare/before school care and very busy mornings. Mr Good has stepped up with combining working from home, housework and kid wrangling. 

My second year of my masters had a slow start but is churning along now. Of course it has gotten to a crunch time just as work also gets super busy (reports!). Despite that I am excited about my research project. 

We’ve had two birthdays and now have a six and a four year old and several more grey hairs telling me time is pushing on. 

All my usual blogging topics, gardening, cooking, reading etc have been pushed aside just like my blogging. I am missing being able to do everything I have done over the last four years but I also think I need to be realistic. There’s no point choosing to study if I’m not going to make it a priority and the same goes for working. Finding a manageable balance is what it’s all about. 

So while I will try to blog every now and again, they won’t be as regular as they have been in the past. 

Catch you again soon(ish). 


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2 Responses to Hello again

  1. Glenn Finlay says:

    Hey Barbara,
    Good to hear things are going well even if you are busy. You should be proud of everything you are achieving. It’s inspiring to see people go for it and show you can have a great family but still grow as a person.
    Now a confession. My garden has herbs and a chilli bush but zip otherwise. We are renovating and the vege patch is disaster!!!! But I have excepted my lot- you can’t do it all!! It was good good to see your blog post Barbara Good.
    Take it easy

    • Barbara Good says:

      Well Glenn, I’m pretty slack at responding to comments too it seems, but I do appreciate your words. Particularly hearing that there wasn’t much in your garden. I did manage to get out and plant some garlic but other than that it’s just the silverbeet, kale, spring onions and herbs which grow of their own accord these days.
      I am starting to feel that gardening itch again, so I’m looking forward to some warmer weather and I’m hoping to get back to it. I think a break has been good for me though.
      Thanks for the comment.

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