Have you met Miss 6?

I feel like writing today – it’s something that hasn’t come to me a lot lately, hence the lack of posts.  Or if it has, I’ve channeled that into writing for work or uni.  Today I’m going to indulge in some purely selfish writing, writing about my girls.

Yesterday we had a family get together for my Mum’s birthday.  I was helping Miss 6 get ready – yes, she’s six now!  It was a struggle, there was literally nothing in her cupboard that fit.  I’m so used to her wearing school uniforms everyday that I hadn’t thought to update her wardrobe in a long time.  Her top rode a good few centimeters higher than it should have and the sleeves were a long way from her wrists.  I looked at this girl, all arms and legs, and wondered how on earth this seems to happen so quickly and yet so slyly.  Where did all this length and height come from?


And it’s not just the physical changes that have been stampeding forwards, she has become quite the school girl.  There are words and information and skills spilling out of every pore. She has so much she wants to say it is virtually unstoppable!  She is kind, considerate and compassionate.  Over the school holidays I’ve let her sit up and watch The Voice some nights.  She thinks everyone is wonderful and should be chosen.  She gets upset if none of the judges turn around.  And she worries about whether the judges are going to have good teams.  The feelings were genuine and quite intense.

The flip side of this compassionate little being is one that is a stress-head.  She worries quietly to herself and you really have to work at her to get it out.  The little signs start to appear, a reluctance to do something or go somewhere she would normally be jumping at, a lull in the constant chatter, and subtle withdrawing from her usual active days.  Little comments that might seem inconsequential to others, she takes to heart.  She worries about not being able to do something straight away.  She does not cope well with pressure or being rushed.  She likes to know exactly what is going to happen.

This beautiful being is blossoming in front of me everyday and it stops me in my tracks when I notice it.  I find myself sneakily watching her, seeing the changing expressions on her face, a look of concentration or determination.  She laughs with abandon and with her whole body (she thinks football commentators are particularly funny, I would have to agree).  She loves her sister to the point of smothering her (Miss Four is not that into physical contact and hates kisses!).  Books are still her thing, now reading them to me as much as me reading them to her.  You know you’ve got a glass half full kind of kid when they think schools readers are great!  To sit and watch this transformation take place is so incredibly life-affirming.  I don’t miss the baby stage, or the toddler stage, I have no desire to go back, but I do hope this next stage slows down just a little so I can see more of the beauty and wonder.  Forward, but not too fast.

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2 Responses to Have you met Miss 6?

  1. Jenny Pearson says:

    Hi Barbara, welcome back, I have missed you. What a truly delightful post today, and can you imagine how it feels for your mother and myself when we look back and see the beautiful children we once had produce these little wonders of their own!!! I am in awe of grandchildren, our six year old thought it was quite normal for Grandma to be quite adept at ten pin bowling – never having done such a thing quite amazed her and I was sincerely encouraged to try because she of course is an expert after one time. I love the innocence and the wise all wrapped up in one little person, and I totally love to see the world through their fresh eyes – a whole new take on familiar surroundings. You are so lucky Barbara to witness this wonderfully unfolding little butterfly and you will get to do it all again with Miss 4, only different. Enjoy, because in the blink of an eye it passes. I am truly loving watching another little person dear to me enjoying his world – every week I am amazed at changes, some quite subtle, but there all the same, and a nostalgic look at baby clothes with his mother confirmed just how far he had come. Take care and enjoy your treasures.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Hi Jenny, I thought you might appreciate this one and not think it too indulgent of me. I’m sure you were a ten-pin bowling star, I have great memories of going bowling with my family when I was growing up. It was one of car trip holiday traditions (along with mini golf). I saw that other dear little one on the weekend, wish I saw more of him! He did make me laugh pushing Mum’s washing basket trolley around her back yard. He’s certainly not that little baby anymore – though the girls still call him Baby T.

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