My Out of Control Reading Life

Remember how I posted last time about Warren Buffet reading 500 pages a day and that switching off from social media and devoting that time to reading would allow the average person to read 200 books a year?  Well, I seem to have taken these concepts and morphed my reading habits into something kinda chaotic – I’m thinking this is NOT how Warren Buffet would apply his time!

Firstly, I should say I haven’t switched off social media completely and I never intended to go that far.  But I have made a point of turning to reading at times when I might otherwise waste half an hour scrolling Facebook or Litsy (about which my next post will focus).  Now I give myself 20 minutes in the morning to briefly scan the news, get my fix of Trump-mania (scary and yet unbelievable all rolled into one, a car crash I can’t turn away from) and scan for any interesting book reviews etc.  I give myself another half hour in the evening pretty mush solely devoted to Litsy and that’s about it.  I can tell I’ve cut down a lot because my phone is never on Low Battery mode anymore – with the exception of days I’ve done a lot of listening to audiobooks, like yesterday.  And because I’ve had very few days of work recently (emergency teaching is very inconsistent) there’s been a lot of middle of the day book reading.

This is a good thing (except the lack of work isn’t great for the wallet), but I have somehow managed to have FIVE books on the go at once.  This is most unlike me, is completely unintentional and I’m finding it difficult to get my head around it all.  So how did this happen?  I usually only have two in-progress books at once – one audiobook and one physical book or e-book.  And I do have those two.  But then I started reading all sorts of books about writing.  These are usually ones I dip in and out of, but the current one is really appealing to me so I’ve pretty much read it cover to almost cover.  I do a chapter each morning and then some of the writing exercises.  With the three books I was fine, it worked well.  But then I went to the library and saw a YA book I half read last year and was loving, until I left the school and had to return it unfinished.  So naturally I borrowed it and then inexplicably started it again that very afternoon.  Making it book number 4.  And then I got a text from the library saying the hold I have been waiting months for was finally in, but it’s a short borrowing period only book and I can’t renew it.  I also found myself in the doctor’s waiting room just after I’d picked it up so I just had to start it.  And there you have it, five books and my brain is swimming.

Let’s hope I can get a least a couple of these finished soon so I can relax again – reading is not supposed to be this complicated I’m sure.

What I’m Currently Reading:

Audiobook: Heartbreak Hotel by Deborah Moggach
E-Book: The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch (also for Bookclub)
Writing Book: Leaving a Trace: The Art of Transforming Life into Stories by Alexandra Johnson
Others: The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness
Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

So readers, tell me about your reading habits.  Are you a one at a time reader or do you find the multi-book approach works for you?  And most importantly, what are you reading now?


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2 Responses to My Out of Control Reading Life

  1. Sara says:

    My weaknesses seem to be TV and Litsy. I like the idea of having a set amount of time for Litsy. I may have to try that. I’ve always had multiple books going. I’m just in and out of many. Then I tend to settle on one to focus on until is finish it. Then I move on to the next. I almost always have manga in hand and I tend to use them as palate cleansers. When I finish a book, I may spend the next day reading up to 4-5 manga.

    TV is the hardest for me to give up or to limit. I usually end up skipping TV for a week, which leaves me with a backlog of shows. Spanish telenovelas air daily so “backlog” can mean up to 15-20 episodes depending on how many I’m trying to keep up with. So usually I end up doing a week on week off kind of rotation with my reading and TV watching.

    I loved reading this post. To me It’s so interesting to read about others’ reading habits and how they balance the “distractions.”

    • Barbara Good says:

      I can be a bit of a TV junkie too Sara, though we don’t get telenovelas in Australian (or not that I’m aware of anyway). I have been watching Jane the Virgin which found quite amusing. Like with reading, I tend to stick with one or two TV series at a time, binge watch it and then move on to something new.

      I enjoyed reading about your reading habits too. I’ve never really tried Manga or graphic novels, but litsy makes me want to.

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