Litsy – “It’s like Tinder for books”

I’ve written a bit lately about the downside to too much social media – FYI my detox has been a bit hit and miss, I still find myself sucked into a wormhole at times – but today I want to share the best thing I’ve ever found on the internet, Litsy.  As a friend of mine said, “It’s like Tinder for book”…. and it sort of is.

Litsy is a social media app.  It’s only available on smart phones or tablets, there’s no website like Facebook, so if you don’t have an internet connected smart device this one’s not for you.  But if you do, prepare for awesomeness.

The app allows you to share, review and quote the books you’re currently reading, ones you’ve read in the past and loved (or loathed) or ones that are on your radar to read soon(ish).  You can read other people’s posts and reviews and add books that peak your interest to your to-read stack.  The idea is that you follow people (like in twitter or FB) to see what they’re recommending and that other people follow you, building a kind of reading network.

There’s a lot I like about Litsy:

  1. It’s super simple to use. There’s only three types of posts you can chose from (blurb, review or quote), there’s limited characters available for text (like twitter), adding a picture is easy and if you’re reviewing a book you can give it a Pick, So-So, Pan or Bail (no rating out of ten or star reviews).
  2. You want to find out about the latest or most interesting book releases coming up…. this is the place to be.  Loads of proper publishing/lit review type professionals are on Litsy so you find out the goss before it hits the shops (it’s mostly American which can be a bit problematic, but as they’re usually ahead of Australia in terms of publishing dates it just let’s me know what to look out for – or order online from the US or UK).  This is absolutely the best place to find books to add to your TBR (to be read) list or to ask for recommendations for what to read next.
  3. It’s all books!!!!  It’s a place where people pretty much exclusively talk about books.  Now that has to be the best place on the Net right?  It’s my happy place.
  4. It’s all positive.  There’s no trolling, no negativity – besides dissing the occasional book, but even that’s done with respect – no bullying.  It’s full of people who cheer each other on if they’re having a hard time, offering virtual support, participating in global book exchanges, becoming penpals.  It’s beautiful.  I always knew bookish people were the best kind of people, this is proof.
  5. It’s free and there’s no advertising (though that may change) which is completely refreshing for anything online.

There’s a couple of cons to Litsy which I should mention:

  1. It’s really bad for you if you actually want any hope of getting through your TBR.  You’ll soon realise that stacking every book that sounds good makes for a VERY long list.  I’ve stopped worrying about this, I know I’ll never read them all, but I have them there when I’m looking for something to pick up at the library or bookshop, or add to my Kindle.
  2. It’s kind of easy to lose time scrolling through the app, which might mean you read about books more than you actually read books.  I try and keep this in check and limit my scrolling time.

I’d love to know if any of my readers are also Littens (that’s a person with a Litsy account).  If so let me know your Litsy name and I’ll be sure to follow you.  And if not, you really should think about joining.

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