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Simple Monday – Putting a face to a blog

I’m not sure actually that this post technically fits with my Simple Monday theme, as meeting people for the first time (in this case fellow bloggers) is neither simple nor something that happens everyday or every week.  But I really … Continue reading

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Celebrating a Century

That’s right, I’ve made it to 100 posts.  Considering I thought I could only manage one or two posts a week when I first started this blog, getting to 100 seemed a long way off.  As it turns out I … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Winter Wednesdays

Despite the fact the Hazel – host of the Winter Wednesday series – declared last week’s Winter Wednesday the last of the season, I am choosing to pay tribute to the whole season on this, the very last day of … Continue reading

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Weekend Outings

I feel like I have had the most indulgent week, the first for a long time.  With Miss Two staying with my parents I was able to do quite a few things that I usually don’t get a chance to … Continue reading

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Welcome and thanks for the comments

Thought I would pop in quickly today – I don’t usually blog on a Thursday, but being toddler-free for a few days gives me so much more time – and write a quick post to welcome those new to my … Continue reading

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A Wig Wam for a Goose’s Bridle

Anyone else remember their parents or grandparents busting out that line when you asked what they were making.  It was one of my mother’s favourites and I still have absolutely no idea what it means or where it comes from. … Continue reading

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