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A belated update on my May 500 stuff cull

You may or may not remember I made some pretty rash statements at the beginning of May, when the stuff in my house felt like it was crowding us all out.  I declared I would rid the house of 500 things … Continue reading

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May 500 – a stuff cull

I have one of those brains that doesn’t seem to have an off switch – there is always something whirling around in there, including at 3am….. and 4am…….. and 5am.  Sometimes it’s writing that essay I’m currently working on over … Continue reading

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Reality Bites – Bloody Floors

Something exciting has been happening here at The New Good Life and it all started with a comment from narf77 on my Anti-resolution post.  She said this,  Social media has made it VERY easy to blur the lines between reality … Continue reading

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Swimming Upstream

Trying to curtail the chaos that comes with life with small children is like swimming up stream against a bloody strong current and I’m not a good swimmer.  You kicking those legs with all your might and turn those arms … Continue reading

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Simple Monday – A Witches Friend

In this post I think that makes me the witch – and at times that description pretty much fits.  But this post is about my witchy friend, my beautiful big, black cat…. who just would not co-operate for a photo … Continue reading

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Extreme Ironing

Recently I was bemoaning the fact that I was drowning in washing and ironing and my only salvation was to stick me head in the sand – or at least get out of the house as much as possible – … Continue reading

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I’ve decided to ditch the word Retro in the title of this post, as I think nesting in the later part of pregnancy is something that will always be high on the list of priorities for most women.  What is … Continue reading

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