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Have you met Miss 6?

I feel like writing today – it’s something that hasn’t come to me a lot lately, hence the lack of posts.  Or if it has, I’ve channeled that into writing for work or uni.  Today I’m going to indulge in … Continue reading

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Hello, hello…. It’s been a while

It seems I’ve recently taken an unexpected break from blogging.  This was for no particular reason other than a lack of urge to blog and a simple enjoyment of family life.  Since my last post this is what’s happened….. We … Continue reading

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Losing myself at home

Over the last five and a bit years, since having my first baby, I’ve switched between being at home full time and working part time, usually in one year stints.  After my first year at home I was keen to … Continue reading

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A Mini Make-over

You might recall a couple of months ago I did a big(ish) cull of the stuff in our house and wrote an update about that a couple of weeks ago.  At that point I still had quite a few things … Continue reading

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Not a Sentimental Gal

I have recently read a couple of things online about how to keep your children’s artwork.  It got me thinking….. why would you want to keep all that stuff?  These articles were talking about photographing or (worse yet) scanning each … Continue reading

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Winning the mealtime wars?

When Miss now Five turned two she went from being a fabulous eater that astounded everyone with her varied diet and interesting tastes, to a stubborn, infuriating food refuser.  Some days she ate little more than a handful of sultanas. … Continue reading

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Hey there…….

Oh I have been a neglectful blogger and sadly this time it hasn’t been an absence caused by too much fun stuff happening around here.  Instead I’ve been finishing up a big assignment, managing the kind of family stuff you … Continue reading

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