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Smile File – Finding the silver lining

I went away last weekend with my gorgeous book club friends. We rented a house at the beach, bought foods we all enjoyed and essentially sat around eating, drinking wine and talking books. In the course of our many and … Continue reading

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One Step Closer

Yet again it’s been a quiet six months on the blog – though with a few odd days where my stats went through the roof (relatively speaking consider this little blog is no high traffic site) for no apparent reason. … Continue reading

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The neglectful blogger….

For the last six months, since we made the life-changing move from the city to the country (well, regional city at least), I’ve blogged a lot – a lot for me, more than I have in the entire three years … Continue reading

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Spring vs Winter

  These two silver birches stand on either side of my deck about 2-3 meters apart, yet they are very different.  One is bursting with springtime gloriousness.  Bright green new growth covering the branches from top to bottom and and … Continue reading

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A Good move…..

That’s right, it’s official, the Goods are on the move (well it’s almost official, but I’m confident enough to post about it).  Having expanded our house hunting mission to include some bigger towns and some places further from the city, … Continue reading

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A Lull in Blogging Motivation

I’ve been a bit slack the last week and a bit on the blog front.  Mostly that was because my Mum was staying for a few days and I don’t blog if we have visitors.  But as well as that, … Continue reading

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Is there such a thing as too much….

freezer space.  I think I’ve discovered the answer is yes, and I think I have too much.  Usually I hear or read of people not having enough freezer space to accommodate what they would like to be able to freeze. … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Top Five – Best Self-seeding Plants

Part of my gardening philosophy is to let nature takes its course and not intervene too much when nature does its thing.  Part of that concept is allowing plants to spread their own seeds and come up where they will. … Continue reading

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A disappointing start…..but then

Is there anything more disappointing than this, I was anticipating a lovely cheese and avocado sandwich for lunch with Baby good.  It looked fine of the outside but was brown and stringy inside.  I usually pick them much better than that. … Continue reading

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A neighbourhood of contrasts

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I live in a suburb many would describe as being on the wrong side of the tracks and it can be like that, rough, full of hoons and even a little scary.  There are … Continue reading

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