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Tuesday’s Top Five – Best Self-seeding Plants

Part of my gardening philosophy is to let nature takes its course and not intervene too much when nature does its thing.  Part of that concept is allowing plants to spread their own seeds and come up where they will. … Continue reading

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A disappointing start…..but then

Is there anything more disappointing than this, I was anticipating a lovely cheese and avocado sandwich for lunch with Baby good.  It looked fine of the outside but was brown and stringy inside.  I usually pick them much better than that. … Continue reading

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A neighbourhood of contrasts

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I live in a suburb many would describe as being on the wrong side of the tracks and it can be like that, rough, full of hoons and even a little scary.  There are … Continue reading

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You know it’s a good friend when….

I’m the sort of person who has just a small circle of close friends, many of whom I’ve known since high school.  It seems that with each phase of my life I’ve picked up a couple of new friends and … Continue reading

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Weekend Outings

I feel like I have had the most indulgent week, the first for a long time.  With Miss Two staying with my parents I was able to do quite a few things that I usually don’t get a chance to … Continue reading

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Welcome and thanks for the comments

Thought I would pop in quickly today – I don’t usually blog on a Thursday, but being toddler-free for a few days gives me so much more time – and write a quick post to welcome those new to my … Continue reading

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Retro Living

I’ve always felt that perhaps I was born in the wrong era (for the record I was born at the very end of the 1970s), anyone else feel that way?  I think this for a number of reasons which I’ll … Continue reading

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