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Have you met Miss 6?

I feel like writing today – it’s something that hasn’t come to me a lot lately, hence the lack of posts.  Or if it has, I’ve channeled that into writing for work or uni.  Today I’m going to indulge in … Continue reading

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Reality Bites – Whinge-a-thon winner

Remember last year a friend and fellow blogger, Jess, and I wrote a short series of posts about the realities of living with young children and being mostly at home with them full time (even if we do work or … Continue reading

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Great Reads of Kids 4# – Oliver Jeffers

I thought this week I would look at just one author for my great reads for kids post and I selected Oliver Jeffers who has cropped up several times recently in our library picks or other places.  Jeffers is up … Continue reading

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Great Reads for Kids

I think it’s pretty much a given that any reader of this blog knows I love to read.  I find no more enjoyable task than to curl up with a good book and a bit of quiet time.  I even … Continue reading

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Not a Sentimental Gal

I have recently read a couple of things online about how to keep your children’s artwork.  It got me thinking….. why would you want to keep all that stuff?  These articles were talking about photographing or (worse yet) scanning each … Continue reading

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Winning the mealtime wars?

When Miss now Five turned two she went from being a fabulous eater that astounded everyone with her varied diet and interesting tastes, to a stubborn, infuriating food refuser.  Some days she ate little more than a handful of sultanas. … Continue reading

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Hey there…….

Oh I have been a neglectful blogger and sadly this time it hasn’t been an absence caused by too much fun stuff happening around here.  Instead I’ve been finishing up a big assignment, managing the kind of family stuff you … Continue reading

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A Screen Free Week….. almost

Last Sunday I wrote about a rut the girls and I had gotten into involving way too much screen time and my realisation that this needed to change.  We’ve had just over a week without screens almost entirely.  The exceptions … Continue reading

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A Sunday Adventure

I find it so easy to fall into ruts, food ruts, parenting ruts, life-in-general ruts, give me a rut and I’ll happily fall into it.  I’ve been in just about all of them lately, but slowly, slowly I’m finding a … Continue reading

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Reality Bites – Peppa Pig you have a lot to answer for (… and it’s not all bed)

As much as I hate to admit it we are a bit of a TV household.  I fought it for a while and periodically instigate the no TV rule for a few days but generally the kids watch some everyday … Continue reading

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