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Is this the lowest of lows?

It has been a terrible week in Australia if you happen to be one of the thousands of desperate individuals or families seeking asylum here.  What has happened sickens me to my core and I am ashamed that such a … Continue reading

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A Well Hung….. Parliament

So have I got your attention with that title.  I bet a get some hits on this post from people not really looking to read about the Australian Parliamentary system, but that’s kind of what this is. Thankfully we have … Continue reading

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You’d think there was an election coming up….

Is it just me or is the political climate in Australia reaching new lows every day.  I have heard and read some appalling things from politicians in recent days (actually that’s been happening for months, but there’s a certain intensity … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday – 27 May, 2013

So the sum total of my garden harvest this weeks is……… zip, nothing, not one little thing. Very little cooking done either as I try to empty the freezers before our move.  This is particularly timely as I drown in … Continue reading

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A question impossible to answer…

Just a fortnight or so ago I wrote this blog post, the first of any substance for quite some time.  I was grappling with the ethics of consuming in Australia, who to buy from and what that purchase is really … Continue reading

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If you were Julia…..

I’ve been pondering this topic for a while and thought it might make an interesting blog discussion point. I should state first up that I generally support a Labour government (well, my first preference would be the Greens, but we’re … Continue reading

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Sunday Rant – Private Mothering

I’ve been sitting on this one for almost a week while away on holidays – you’d think I’d have more appealing things to occupy my mind, but apparently not – and as it’s still on my mind I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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Win, Win

A warning to start this post with – I am getting a bit political here so if it’s not your thing feel free to ignore this one. I have been eagerly watching the ABC and especially ABC 24 to follow … Continue reading

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