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May 500 – a stuff cull

I have one of those brains that doesn’t seem to have an off switch – there is always something whirling around in there, including at 3am….. and 4am…….. and 5am.  Sometimes it’s writing that essay I’m currently working on over … Continue reading

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A Box of Lamb

I have found buying meat becoming more and more of a dilemma.  Without the regular trips to big farmers’ markets – which ironically seem to be more of a city thing than a country thing – and with prices increasing … Continue reading

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When thoughts collide….

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog post over the last couple of days, inspired by a newly discovered blog and worried by the tragic events in both Bangladesh and the earlier incident in Pakistan.  I’m referring, of course, … Continue reading

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Big Thinking

For the most part my blog documents my personal journey to live a simpler, more sustainable and positive life.  It’s not political, despite me being quite passionate in my political views.  However since reading some of Hazel’s posts I have been … Continue reading

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