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Winter Proofing the Good House

We possibly chose the stupidest time of year to move to one of the coldest places in the state last year…. mid July.  We very, very quickly discovered that what we thought was cold in Melbourne was quite mild by … Continue reading

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Spring vs Winter

  These two silver birches stand on either side of my deck about 2-3 meters apart, yet they are very different.  One is bursting with springtime gloriousness.  Bright green new growth covering the branches from top to bottom and and … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Winter Wednesdays

Despite the fact the Hazel – host of the Winter Wednesday series – declared last week’s Winter Wednesday the last of the season, I am choosing to pay tribute to the whole season on this, the very last day of … Continue reading

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Winter Wednesday – Ummmmmmm….

On the second last Wednesday of Winter I think I’ve officially run out of Winter Wednesday ideas, perhaps that’s because it feels well and truly like Spring here.  The garden is look great after spending almost all day for the … Continue reading

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Winter Wednesday – A day with the literary greats

Another truly winter Wednesday here, cold, wet and windy – but I think we need a few more such days before the end of the season just to make sure we really appreciate the Spring.  I spent this morning in … Continue reading

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Winter Wednesday – A Winter Harvest

It’s getting to that stage in Winter when all enthusiastic gardeners, especially those growing vegetables, are itching for the start of spring when the warm weather gives our plants a kick start and the variety for harvest increases dramatically.  In spring we … Continue reading

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Winter Wednesday – The sea, the sea

I’ve spoken already about the moody nature of Winter, well this was made even more apparent on a recent day trip to Port Lincoln.  It was a cold, wet and windy day with a definite melancholy feel.  The reasons behind our trip … Continue reading

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Winter Wednesday

On this very wet wintry Wednesday I pay tribute to our family obsession with …… AFL football. We all love going to the games and both our girls have been introduced to the spectacular within weeks of their birth.  I love it … Continue reading

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Winter Wednesday – The Moody Season

I’m an avid winter lover and it really doesn’t take much for me to find something to wax lyrical about when it comes to this season.  This week I’m honouring the moodiness of Winter, like me this season has many … Continue reading

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Winter Wednesday – Sunshine

Only someone with multiple children in cloth nappies can truly appreciate how precious a sunny winter’s day really is – Oh my God, the sun’s out, quick get the nappies in the washing machine.  This is the inner dialogue occurring … Continue reading

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