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Have you met Miss 6?

I feel like writing today – it’s something that hasn’t come to me a lot lately, hence the lack of posts.  Or if it has, I’ve channeled that into writing for work or uni.  Today I’m going to indulge in … Continue reading

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Hello, hello…. It’s been a while

It seems I’ve recently taken an unexpected break from blogging.  This was for no particular reason other than a lack of urge to blog and a simple enjoyment of family life.  Since my last post this is what’s happened….. We … Continue reading

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Reality Bites – Mealtime meltdowns

This is a well-trodden blog post theme for me, the seemingly never-ending dramas that occur at the dinner table.  Friends tell me it gets better, as yet I have no evidence of that but as I rarely see a 17 year … Continue reading

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Reality Bites – Whinge-a-thon winner

Remember last year a friend and fellow blogger, Jess, and I wrote a short series of posts about the realities of living with young children and being mostly at home with them full time (even if we do work or … Continue reading

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Winter Wednesday – Sunshine

Only someone with multiple children in cloth nappies can truly appreciate how precious a sunny winter’s day really is – Oh my God, the sun’s out, quick get the nappies in the washing machine.  This is the inner dialogue occurring … Continue reading

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Contented Days

I’m hoping this post isn’t going to jinx us, but as I’m on a mission to enjoy life as much as possible and have a greater appreciation for the simple things I’ve decided to risk writing this one.  I guess … Continue reading

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