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Sour Dough, YAY!

Yes, after over a week of tending my sour dough starter, nervously checking it each morning hoping that what looked like sticky, bubbly gloop would actually transform itself, with a bit of assistance from me, into wonderful sour dough bread. … Continue reading

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Slow Cooked Thursday – Stock

I first purchased our slow cooker as a way of making the juggle of getting dinner on the table quickly and easily during to most difficult hours of the day more manageable, especially once I returned to work.  It has … Continue reading

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The Weekend Wrap

This weekend wrap has a quite different focus than my last ones.  Granted the weekend started the way it usually does, with swimming lessons, and finished as it often does, with a roast, but the bit in between was certainly … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Top Five – Things I’ve learned about cooking from scratch

I was a bit stumped about a top five list for today, I’ve got a few up my sleeve that I’m still working on but none that were ready to go.  I was considering a topic while I was in … Continue reading

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Home Made Ricotta

The things I have learnt over the last year from reading blogs is quite astounding really.  My gardening skills and knowledge have increased ten fold.  In fact I feel quite confident that what I plant will grow and do reasonable … Continue reading

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A Day of Retro Cooking

In my usual Saturday style, today was devoted to cooking – ah what joy, though timing everything perfectly between feeding my daughter adds a extra element of complexity and in an ideal world I’d have a couple of extra hotplates … Continue reading

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Contented Days

I’m hoping this post isn’t going to jinx us, but as I’m on a mission to enjoy life as much as possible and have a greater appreciation for the simple things I’ve decided to risk writing this one.  I guess … Continue reading

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