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Smile File – The Little Book of Lykke

This year (and the end of last year) hasn’t been the most positive for me but despite some set backs I have managed to look on the brighter side of life more recently. I’ve become a little bit fascinated with … Continue reading

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What makes you happy?

I came across this article recently about ten of the best (scientifically proven) ways to increase happiness and thought it was interesting enough to share here.  It got me thinking about the things that make me happy.  There are lots … Continue reading

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This is why I live where I live….

Every time I write that heading (which is exactly twice, but I’m planning on making this a series) I am transported back to being my parent’s old Toyota Tarago Van with my Dad on a Sunday morning listening to Macca … Continue reading

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The Weekend Wrap – 23 September, 2012

             There was a lot that made us all smile this weekend.  To start with we had two beautiful sunny days (though this morning did start a little cloudy and threatening rain) and of course it’s the start of … Continue reading

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The Weekend Wrap – 26 August, 2012

This weekend has been one of the quietest we’ve had in a long while.  Of course it started with swimming and a market, probably my favourite (if I can get their on my own which I did this weekend) – … Continue reading

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Regional Living Expo

Going rural has always been on my wish list, having grown up in the country and having a job that is easily transferable to anywhere, I have long thought that we should make the move to country Victoria.  Mr Good … Continue reading

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Best laid plans

Miss Two was due to have a day with Granny earlier this week.  I usually take these opportunities to whip the house into something close to respectable, getting those chores done that are a bit tricky with a two year … Continue reading

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Celebrating my 51st Post

In typical style I actually missed my 50th post, it was Wednesday’s – just ask my husband or family how good I am at remembering important occasions – so instead I’m celebrating my 51st post, hurrah!  In in light of reaching … Continue reading

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Lazy Sundays

This weekend I broke with tradition and skipped the massive cook up I usually partake in at some point.  That’s not to say that I didn’t hit the stove to some extent, I just kept it low key and simple. … Continue reading

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Ethics vs Modern Economic Realities

A question for you, is it possible to maintain ethical shopping practices on a budget?  I have been trying for the last year to maintain an equilibrium between these two ideals, to buy products that are as local as possible and … Continue reading

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