Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away

I thought it was about time I solved the toddler craft mystery object from a previous post.  Remember this  and this   There were a number of good guesses, but no one quite got the correct answer.  Well according to Miss Two this is a family of sailors in there sailing boat.

We’re in something of a sailing obsession at the moment.  Every morning I am requested to empty one of the washing baskets (full of washing waiting to be washed, folded, put away or ironed – ahh it’s a never ending cycle of joy) for use as her own personal sailing boat.  We have to fill it with all the necessary provisions, which includes a funky-hand-made-by-my-clever-sister handbag, a pair of maracas and her baby (doll), as well as Miss Two herself of course.  The doll usually gets tossed overboard half way through the voyage when it gets a little crowded on board the vessel.

The boat is then rocked, rowed or slid along the ground to the accompaniment of a similarly themed song.  I’m running out of songs related to boats so if you know any good ones pass them my way.  Role playing as Pirate Mummy and Pirate Miss Two seems to also be a significant element in the sailing game, though my pirate repertoire is even more limited than my boat songs.  This activity generally takes us most of the morning and though its wearing a little thin now, the boating craze has been lots of fun and I love getting caught up in the world of the toddler imagination.

So until the we move onto a new theme it’s bon voyage from me.

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