Hello, hello…. It’s been a while

It seems I’ve recently taken an unexpected break from blogging.  This was for no particular reason other than a lack of urge to blog and a simple enjoyment of family life.  Since my last post this is what’s happened…..

We spent a lovely couple of weeks at our favourite beach getaway in southern NSW.  I re-introduced myself to the boogie board, not something I’ve done for about fifteen years.  I had so much fun!!  I was SO exhausted afterwards.  I rediscovered muscles unused for many years.  It was worth it.  The kids had a blast at the beach and the pool and the park and the cinema and the arcade (rainy days called for a bit of old-school arcade gaming – also surprisingly fun for the adults involved).

IMG_0404 IMG_0410 IMG_0415 IMG_0431

We came home to enjoy the last couple of weeks of the school holiday and try to reign in the juggled-like vegetable patch.  The tomatoes are very slow to ripen (not enough hot weather) but the zucchinis are going completely mad.  Beans and strawberries are coming quickly too.

10360209_876742575709510_7272525830103885674_n 10931405_872956236088144_5812517686018587717_n 10958550_879625775421190_2295051935961599270_n

Miss Five start school, heading off for her first day of prep hypo-ventilating with excitement.  Week two and she was still busting out the door to get going and was the first one there this morning.  She loves it, she loves her teacher (her appraisal was that she’s better than Miss Honey from Matilda, high praise indeed) and she is being quite the little sponge.  Let’s hope she can keep it up.

1424330_10153116879725229_7599061537785746893_n 10438383_10153116879775229_6008362342417882863_n 10959879_10153116879645229_4952701765092062063_n

Miss Three started three year old Kinder and one day a week at daycare.


And I have been trying to find some work, a frustrating process to date.

All in all we’ve been busy, life is changing and things are good, really good.  So what’s new in your world?

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9 Responses to Hello, hello…. It’s been a while

  1. renlikesred says:

    Totally agree, the change is so refreshing. With the first one off to school our household has experienced a real shift too and I think we are all a lot happier. Let’s hope there is all good things to come! What sort of work are you looking for? Teaching or other?

    • Barbara Good says:

      Our days are so quiet and peaceful with just Miss Three and I. She enjoys the chance to play the way she likes rather than being bossed about by her older sister and it’s a break from the squabbling. They do make up for it a bit after school though. Reminds me of my our relationship with siblings!!
      I’m really open to any sort of work as long as it’s fulfilling. I’ve done my share of mundane admin jobs, I want to use my qualifications and expertise in some regard. So teaching, tutoring, research, community based etc. I’m starting to realise the limitations of country town though!! Any suggestions?

  2. Jenny Pearson says:

    Hi Barbara, the pics are just lovely – how grown-up your schoolgirl looks!! I’m sure you are wondering where the time went to, from that little bundle of joy just home from hospital to the person who runs out the gate to get to school – and that must make you feel just great that she is so ready and so enjoying the big wide world and all that is on offer to her. We are nearing our time to move, and just to liven things up a bit, and just as a break from the packing, Neal made two lots of sauce and I made two lots of spicy tomato relish (bought tomatoes, not our own). Neal rightly presumed that it is just as easy to take full bottles/jars as it is to take empty ones, so may as well take full ones!!! Someone we both know well had a wonderful time here on Sunday exploring every inch of our 1/2 acre, as it was his first time walking around outside, and sadly his last time here, but there will be a new place to explore, and if his first time is anything to go by, he is definitely going to be an adventurer!! On another note, our tomatoes here are also slow ripening – rather than sunshine, you do need a higher air temperature to ripen them, so when they have the slightest tinge, I bring them inside to finish off – can’t leave too many behind after my hard work!!! Good luck in the job stakes Barbara, I’m sure that the right position is just waiting for you.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Hi Jenny, lovely to hear from you and I can taste that sauce from here!! I made some spiced plum jam the other day with plums from my mother-in-law’s neighbour. It’s delicious, if I do say so myself. I bet the gorgeous little one had a ball as he will at the new place as well. I haven’t seen him for a while.
      Thanks for the tip on the tomatoes, hopefully the warmer days this week will do the trick. The cherry tomatoes have started and some of the bigger ones are beginning to turn from that definite green to a more yellow colour so I’m anticipating some soon. I hope you’re right about the job, so far it’s been a pretty discouraging experience and I’m starting to wondering about the years and years I’ve spent (and continue to spend) studying. I will persevere though.

  3. We’ve started our journey with homeschooling. It’s been an adventure and although last week was pretty slow off the mark we have done much better this week. 🙂
    My veggie patch is also going kind of crazy although I try and keep some order in it (no pumpkin, you need to trail THIS way, not over the path!) and meals like todays lunch are mostly coming from the garden. it’s a lovely time of year. My tomatoes are also slow but the cherries are coming along now with 5-10 picked every day to finish ripening in the pantry. They taste amazing!
    Good luck with the work search.

    • Barbara Good says:

      Good luck with the home-schooling! I’m not sure I could do it myself – despite being an educator. Miss Five would have a hard time accepting me as teacher as well as Mum, I like the separation and she NEEDS to social environment that school offers. Have you got your curriculum sorted/ a plan of attack so to speak. I do think the ability to tailor the curriculum so specifically to one or two children would be very satisfying, but would still need to be carefully planned.
      I too have been trying to teach the pumpkins and zucchinis to grow in certain directions, though one pumpkin has decided he own the path regardless of my efforts. The tomatoes, however, are a bit of a mess. The y grew like crazy while we were a way and needed mu more careful staking. Now they’re so tangled I can’t really do anything much about them. We too, have started picking cherry tomatoes, finally!!

      • The advantage of home schooling is that flexibility is the order of the day. I have a rough plan of attack that we are following and we will refine it to a curriculum as time goes on. We look to cover the 8 key learning areas every week and we go from there. We have several “excursions” planned over the next 2 months and will be covering topics such as dinosaurs, medieval times, mining and the earth and more. There are so many resources free on the internet that it blows the mind. Type homeschool into pinterest to get an overwhelming example of just how much is there. 😀
        We’re working on the social aspect with ballet and tap classes for Allegra and Jas does Joey scouts but looking to introduce something else for Jas too. We also have a fortnightly nature walk planned (hoping to make it weekly if we can co-ordinate schedules) and playdates to arrange. I’m surprising myself that I am actually having a blast this week.

        My tomatoes too are a tangled mess and I have to dig and delve to find anything carring colour. I’ve had several bright red surprises where I’ve missed them amidst the green jungle of leaves. I’m working on a more permanent trellis system which I can move around depending where I plant tomatoes so that next year I won’t be caught short. I can plant the tomatoes and trellis at the same time and be ready to tie up the plants as they grow then. 🙂

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